Training Program to Become a Chaplain Offers College Credits & Accreditation

Feb 7, 2023

The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) will help you get your chaplaincy accreditation without taking a gap year in college. Your opportunity to kickstart your career is here! Don’t miss it!

Training Program to Become a Chaplain Offers College Credits & Accreditation

Do you feel like your true vocation is helping the youth? The NSCA has a chaplaincy program that will allow you to follow that path! As a chaplain, you will be a guide, mentor, friend, and spiritual advisor to the students in your school, and you will have a direct impact on their development as a person.

The NSCA's program is open to college students who want to study and earn their chaplaincy accreditation simultaneously. The course is conducted in collaboration with Oklahoma Christian University.

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Having a solid spiritual and moral foundation helps people with mental health issues overcome their challenges easily. In addition, studies show that spiritual advisors like chaplains, ministers, or priests give individuals a safe space to vent, which is essential for emotional stability.

College students who sign up for the NSCA’s training program have the unique opportunity to change the lives of children and teenagers. As a school chaplain, you can relate to the struggles of the youth better than parents or teachers do since you are trained in counseling and spiritual guidance.

Trainees who are college students will be recommended to take either a 48-hour course or the one-year program. The 48-hour course is for Level Two trainees who have experience teaching or working with a youth group. The one-year program is for Level Three trainees who don’t have prior experience.

Level Two trainees earn one college credit or three CEU credits upon completion. In contrast, Level Three trainees get one-year college credit which will be counted towards their bachelor’s or associate’s degree.

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NSCA trains chaplains to use prayer and scripture in every piece of advice they give to the youth. However, this does not mean that you can only be a chaplain to Catholics or Christians because while you use the Bible as the foundation of your teachings, you can also translate the universal values within the Bible into ideas that any religion can relate to.

The NSCA believes that there is a lack of spiritual care and moral direction in schools. Because of this, they started their chaplaincy training program, which encourages more people to bring God and prayer back into the school system. With proper guidance, the association aims to create generation upon generation of upright citizens who stay true to their morals and beliefs, whatever challenges they might face in the future.

As Matthew 22:14 goes: "many are called, but few are chosen." You can be part of a select group of hardworking and caring chaplains who will guide the youth down the right path. Let the NSCA's training program show you how you can harness your natural gifts and your passion for service to enrich the lives of the youth.

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