Toughest, Unbreakable Hooks Toughook Launched

Mar 15, 2022

Toughook launches the toughest and unbreakable coat and bag hooks for office, home or school. With excellent selection of hooks for all needs and purposes, this indestructible hook will surely get all handymen and women hooked.

Toughest, Unbreakable Hooks Toughook Launched

Small business Toughook USA recently launched Toughooks, the toughest and unbreakable coat and bag hooks for school and home.Therse hooks are great for school, homa and office, it's flat curve profile and nylon construction makes them near indestructible. Normally used for backpacks, uniforms or other things, these hooks are safe even when kids play around with them.

Toughooks USA understands that metal hooks get broken or deliberately vandalized once brittle, not to mention they become more dangerous due to their sharp and jagged edges. Toughhooks are indestructible plastic coat hooks equipped with smooth edges that will not injure or cause damage to the user and the property. They are also a colorful, affordable, and appealing way to make a room brighter and organized. 

According to a spokesperson from Toughook USA, “We are extremely excited with the launch of our Toughooks. Our product’s tall design is made to substitute traditional and dangerous pointy metal hooks. Our modern functional design enables you to also cover the holes left from changing metal coat hooks.”

“We are extremely confident with our product. That’s why we are also proud to offer our Toughook Lifetime Guarantee on each unbreakable hook in our range. When it breaks while in normal use, feel free to let us know, and we will replace it right away.” 

Customers can choose from Toughook’s four sizes. They also have a wide range of color options that suit the user’s needs, from deep purple to antique white. Currently, Toughook USA provides a range of multi-colored packs with the short-term goal of offering twenty different color options by the end of the year. 

Although the Toughook brand originates in the UK, it has finally established an exclusive distributor relationship with a USA-based partner that has structured themselves as the Toughook representative in the USA. This has allowed them to proudly offer all the perks of Toughook UK without compromising on customer service, price, quality, availability and selection.


About Toughook USA

Toughook USA is a company that invests in the strongest and toughest bag and coat hooks for school and home. The company’s mission is to create and present the most durable, sturdiest, and safest hooks available. They call them Tough Hook for a reason. They are also proud to say that they never sacrifice quality while also offering their customers the lowest price possible. 

To learn more about Toughook USA’s products, visit their official Amazon store at to shop their latest unbreakable and safe backpack and coat hooks.  

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