Toronto Synthetic Grass Expert Installs Low-Maintenance Artificial Turf Yards

Aug 1, 2023

Are you tired of having to get the lawnmower out, pick up the clippings, and water the grass every few weeks? Then you should get a synthetic grass lawn from Lazy Lawn (1-888-622-5296) in Toronto!

By getting a synthetic grass lawn from Lazy Lawn you not only significantly reduce the amount of work you put into your lawn, but you also get a lawn that you'll be proud to show off to neighbours and passersby alike!

The Toronto artificial turf company's synthetic grass options are affordable and low-maintenance, making them ideal if you want a hassle-free alternative to natural grass lawns and paving applications. The company offers seven types of grass all with different face weights, thatches, pile heights, and colours.

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Lazy Lawn offers five standard or traditional turf options and two luxurious turf options. The standard options are multipurpose and can be used for many different applications in addition to lawns, while the luxurious options are used only for lawns and landscapes. All of Lazy Lawn’s turf options are made using polyethylene or polypropylene material, which ensures that they look and feel like natural grass.

Lazy Lawn begins all installations by consulting with you to determine your needs and what turf option will be most suitable for you. Once identified, their synthetic grass experts complete the installation, removing any existing grass and disposing of it, preparing the base materials, and laying down the grass. Throughout every step of the process, their team is careful to abide by city bylaws.

Because synthetic grass doesn’t require mowing, fertilization, seeding, or watering, it is easy to care for and maintain. It's also very likely that you'll see a decrease in your utility bills because you are using less water and electricity to look after your lawn. Synthetic grass is also beneficial if you're an allergy sufferer, as things like pollen and dust don’t build up in the turf as easily.

“If you’re wanting a lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbours, then synthetic grass from Lazy Lawn might be the way to go,” said a spokesperson for the company. “You’ll get all of the perks of having a lawn without any of the downsides. Plus, synthetic grass looks just as real and lush as its natural counterpart.”

In addition to lawns and yards, Lazy Lawn provides synthetic grass for several other applications. If you have pets, their turf can be used for play areas. Similarly, their turf has also been used as the flooring of many playgrounds and jungle gyms for kids. On a much larger scale, they have also installed numerous artificial turf sports fields across Canada.

If you are interested in getting a synthetic grass lawn installed on your property you can get a DIY no-obligation estimate by filling out the form on the Lazy Lawn website.

The company offers three different professional installation packages based on the square footage of your space. They also offer a DIY installation package in which they send you the materials and provide you with guidance on how to lay the turf yourself.

Based in Toronto, Lazy Lawn has provided residential and commercial customers across Canada with high-quality artificial turf solutions since 2013. In addition to its products and services, the company also donates a percentage of its sales to helping underprivileged young athletes in Canada and providing clean drinking water to malnourished children in impoverished countries.

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