Top Toronto Tailor Adds Class With Timeless Men & Women Bespoke Business Suits

Nov 12, 2022

Isaac Ely (416-440-8989) gives a rundown of the things you should expect when you get your first bespoke suit from the brand.

Top Toronto Tailor Adds Class With Timeless Men & Women Bespoke Business Suits

Getting a bespoke suit isn't just about fashion, it's about identity. Nothing beats the feeling of slipping into something that is made especially for you, where the seams lay flat and the fabric drapes beautifully onto your body.

Isaac Ely gives you that experience with expertly cut and tailored suits that are fully customizable to your taste.

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To add to the luxe experience, Isaac Ely’s style consultants meet with you at a location of your choosing. During the appointment, they take your measurements and discuss the cut, fabric, and details you want for your suit.

According to Isaac Ely, owning a bespoke suit is the highest form of individuality - because the piece is made to fit you and no one else. He believes that custom suits are also more comfortable and last longer because of the level of craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

The tailor explains you can customize your suit down to the smallest detail. Being able to choose the type of fabric is standard, but at Isaac Ely you can also select the buttons, the lining, and even the width and shape of the lapel and cuffs.

The personalized service does not end with the style consultation. You are encouraged to come in for multiple fittings where you can customize your suit further. It usually takes around three to five fittings before a garment is considered “approved” by the customer.

Many people hesitate to get bespoke suits because they worry about not being able to wear them should they lose or gain weight. However, as part of the Montreal tailor’s aftersales support, they will adjust or repair all of the brand’s garments, so you will perfectly fit into your suits for years to come.

Isaac Ely started working as a clothier in Toronto in the 1980s. After years in the luxury ready-to-wear business, he found his true calling and started his own bespoke tailoring company.

“It’s about you. At the core of every Isaac Ely custom-tailored piece is you, the customer. You talk and we will listen. Tell us your wants and needs, as well as your peeves, so we can achieve that perfect bespoke or made-to-measure suit for you,” a spokesperson said.

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