Toronto Renowned Tailor Offers Custom Luxury Women’s Suits: 2024 Guide

Apr 9, 2024

If you’re a professional woman, the right suit could take your business game to the next level. Toronto’s best luxury tailor, Isaac Ely (647-800-1688), offers custom high-end women’s suits and has a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best cut and fit for you!

We've all seen celebrity women in suits and wondered "Could I pull that off?" The answer is YES, you can, and also, you should. The right suit will level up your business game in style!

With tailor Isaac Ely, you will get the perfect fit, cut, and vibe you want out of a women's suit! Go to

Isaac Ely has even written a comprehensive guide to help you understand the rich world and history of women's suits and choose the perfect one for your unique self!

Modern Women Wear Suits

Isaac Ely encourages you to embrace the changing social and fashion landscape in which suits are equally accessible to women and designed to meet their unique needs.

As Isaac Ely's guide explains, women's suits actually offer greater diversity and more opportunity for self-expression than men's suits, with many more options for cuts, fits, colors, and flourishes!

In the guide, titled "How To Select the Right Women's Suit for Your Needs in Canada", you will get familiar with a brief history of women's suits since they first began coming into vogue. You will learn that French actress and suffragette Sarah Bernhardt, defying social conventions and adding to her protest for women's rights, began wearing a custom trouser suit in 1870.

Since then, women's suits have fluctuated in and out of style, growing hugely popular in the 1980s with the rise of the "power suit". But, as Isaac Ely so eloquently explains, the newest trends in women's suits are much more understated, elegant, and diverse than the power suits of the 1980s.

Modern women's suits can be worn for a variety of occasions, including job interviews, office work, public speaking and presentation, travel, and other non-professional situations.

How To Choose The Perfect Suit

Isaac Ely's guide walks you through the various considerations that should be made when choosing a women's suit: body shape and proportions, color, material, and fabric quality among the primary ones. You can also learn how best to care for your new suit from the guide, which explains the most appropriate cleaning and storing methods, so you can make it last a lifetime.

If you're interested in a custom suit, just schedule an appointment at Isaac Ely to have professional measurements taken and discuss your desired cut, fit, color, and overall aesthetic.

Isaac Ely's Journey to Crafting Your Dream Suit

Isaac Ely, an Iranian who fled to Toronto during the Iranian Revolution of the 1980s, has served the local community as a luxury tailor since 1997 and has created countless unique, bespoke suits since then. Let his expertise, creative flair, and fashion sense guide you to one of the most important ensembles you'll ever own: 2024 is the year you finally rock that women's suit!

Want to learn more and book an appointment with Isaac Ely? Get started today by visiting

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