Top Sacramento Corporate Photographer: Snap The Perfect Professional Headshot

Are you looking to put a face to your brand? Remember first impressions really count. Contact professional photographer Gideon Dominguez (916-600-2193) today for the professional headshot photography service you need!

In the corporate world, there is no better way to gain your customer's trust than with a high-quality professional headshot. Why, I hear you ask? Because as humans, we don't tend to believe things until we see them. So let the world see the real you with Gideon Dominguez's professional headshots.

Intended to help you achieve your career goals, Gideon’s corporate headshot photography service is customized to meet your needs.

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A good corporate headshot allows business professionals to convey a reputable image, gaining your potential clients’ trust and boosting your reputation. Vital to a professional image, headshots can double your chances of being noticed in today’s online world.

According to research, it takes just seven minutes to form an opinion of someone, whether it be in person or via an image. Gideon Dominguez’s photography service allows you to convey exactly who you want to be, painting a true picture of both your personality and professional success. It has also been proven that a high-quality corporate headshot can reinforce your company's values, demonstrating the quality your business delivers in photographic form.

During the photography session, you are given a choice of background when posing for your professional headshot, including plain white or grey, outdoors or even inside a rented studio. After the photo shoot, you can browse through all the photographs taken to find one that captures both your business and personality.

Gideon Dominguez is a skilled photographer with over twenty years of experience in the field. Dominguez prides himself on delivering exceptional service which is why he has become one of the most sought-after photographers in the area. In addition to corporate photography, he also offers actor headshots and portraiture photography, promising to capture clients’ unique personalities.

On his blog, Dominguez lists some tips for achieving the perfect headshot. These include hiring a professional, dressing appropriately for the style of the photograph, and choosing the right background. Gideon recommends opting for a natural look, using soft lighting and minimal makeup.

Gideon himself explains: “I am a highly motivated and driven artist. A true observer of life. I follow creative inspirations, passionately bringing imagery to life. My commitment to professionalism and devotion to my craft makes clients at ease and allows me to capture just the right shots.”

Let a professional headshot with Gideon Dominguez be your next brilliant business move!

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