Top Las Vegas Camper Van Rental Company Offers June Discounts – Reserve Now!

May 25, 2023

Have you ever wanted to spend a few nights at the Grand Canyon? Or what about any of the other national parks in the area? If so, you should consider doing it in a camper van from VegasCampers!

Tom Cochrane once sang that "life is a highway," and when you're in one VegasCampers' fully converted camper vans, that couldn't be more accurate!

The Las Vegas camper van rental company offers access to nine fully-converted camper vans complete with all the amenities needed for extended stays on the road or in the wilderness. The vans are ideal for trips to national parks like Zion, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree.

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VegasCampers’ fleet consists of converted Ram Promaster City cargo vans outfitted by Cascades Campers, an industry leader in camper van conversions. According to the company, the vehicle was chosen for its fuel efficiency and compact size, which allows it to go to places inaccessible to larger vehicles.

On the inside of the vans, you get access to a variety of useful features. The vans are equipped with stoves, sinks, fridges, coffee makers, cookware, dishes, and cutlery. They also come with a bed, blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. To charge devices, the vans also include a solar panel with built-in USB ports and power outlets.

Outside of the vans, there are a few additional features that you can make use of. The vans come with a shower that dispenses boiled water, which can be rigged up outside the van for washing. The vans also have retractable awnings to provide shade on bright and hot days. You also have plenty of room to store things thanks to the vans’ many bins and outdoor racks.

The vans are incredibly efficient, making them great for any longer trips you might take. They take unleaded fuel and get 24 miles to the gallon. They're well-maintained and handle very smoothly. The only thing they can't do is go off-road, as VegasCampers doesn't permit it due to insurance reasons.

“Living in a camper van rental from VegasCampers can be a thrilling and liberating experience,” said a spokesperson for the company. “It allows you to explore stunning landscapes, create lifelong memories, and connect with like-minded adventurers. With our vans, you’re well-equipped to conquer the open road and embrace the freedom of nomadic living.”

If you're looking for trip inspiration, VegasCampers also provides some 3-day itineraries and travel guides on its website that you can follow. The itineraries have been comprehensively planned so that all you have to do is drive to the locations and enjoy what they have to offer.

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