Top Houston Scrap Metal Exporter Buys & Recycles Waste Across The US

Dec 13, 2022

Have you ever wondered what your scrap metal is worth? It may look like junk, but C&Y Global has built an international recycling business on buying the scrap that nobody wants, and their wholesale collection centers are eager to answer that question for you!

Top Houston Scrap Metal Exporter Buys & Recycles Waste Across The US

From old engines, to radiators, to wires, to ceiling fans, C&Y is turning your trash into treasure at a global scale. Now boasting eight wholesale scrap collection sites across seven states, the company is prepared to buy just about any non-ferrous (meaning not including iron) metal that you can think of.

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Since the development of C&Y’s international processing facility in Thailand, which processes up to 100,000 tons of scrap metal annually, they have become one of the leading exporters of scrap metal in North America, shipping nearly double that amount to be recycled and sold worldwide.

With the global scrap metal recycling market projected to nearly double in value over the next decade, C&Y is setting themselves up to make a tremendous impact, both economically and environmentally, as they continue to expand their recycling infrastructure and capacity.

The company has shown remarkable growth since its founding in 2004, as it continues breathing new life into our discarded metals, despite recessions and pandemics. A recycling company may not be most people’s idea of a titan of industry, but C&Y is proving, year after year, that perhaps it should be.

You can credit some of their success to the efficient division of labor they have established between the domestic and international sides of the business. The eight collection facilities, spread over a wide swath of the US, focus entirely on quality control and inventory logistics, emphasizing communication and operational efficiency that keeps the acquisition and export process as fast and smooth as possible.

Meanwhile, exported scrap metal is shipped abroad where it can be processed and repurposed through C&Y Global’s international network, ensuring that your discarded metals don’t go to waste. This allows each of the company’s facilities to specialize in one side of the recycling process, getting your scrap where it’s needed and your money in your pocket with no hassle or loss along the way.

A spokesperson for the company shared how this helps their collection centers maintain quality service in the midst of such rapid growth, noting that C&Y is “honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions with each customer. No customer request or requirement is too small.”

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