Top Fashion Networking Space Lists White-Label Suppliers For Startup Brands

Jul 19, 2023

Ready to get your fashion startup off the ground but worried about all the risk? On Fashion Index, you can create a free account and find a great white-label supplier so you can launch your brand with a little more security.

Mixing white-label products in with original pieces can be a really smart move for a fashion startup. I mean, if the big retailers do it, there must be something to it!

Not sure where to find them? Fashion Index hosts business listings for all kinds of suppliers, many of which offer white-label products in a variety of apparel categories.

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✦ Why White-Label? ✦

Utilizing white-label suppliers is useful to fashion startups for many reasons. For one, white-label pieces are already product-tested and proven to fit and sell well, meaning there is a lower risk and higher guarantee of turning a profit.

Using white-label products also cuts down on development time, as there's no need to create the pieces from scratch and test them, so brands can just put their unique tag on them and send them off to market.

Basically, white-label clothing can potentially get your fashion brand ball rolling, faster, easier, with less terrifying risks. It's worth a shot!

✦ Find It On Fashion Index ✦

With the many challenges a fashion startup faces in bringing their first clothing lines to market, Fashion Index aims to assist emerging brands in finding white-label suppliers to save time and money. Through the platform, you can easily research and contact white-label suppliers in various countries, many of which also offer low minimum order quantities, drop shipping, and other useful production factors.

One white label supplier listed on the platform notes that it has a variety of apparel category expertise, works in multiple target markets, and has no minimum production volume, making it particularly suitable for a fledgling fashion company.

Fashion Index hosts listings for suppliers that specialize in streetwear, athleisure apparel, loungewear, intimate apparel, tee shirts, and many other popular garment types.

What's more, when you connect with a compatible supplier and strike up a partnership, the platform does not take a commission or require any fees. Straightforward, no hidden charges, no guesswork!

✦ About Fashion Index ✦

Fashion Index strives to stay on the cutting edge of fashion industry trends to anticipate the evolving needs of entrepreneurs and creatives in the fashion world and meet those needs as much as possible. The platform features detailed business profiles for manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, full-service agencies, and so much more.

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