Top E-Commerce Agency Offering Managed Solutions For Amazon, Walmart and TikTok

May 9, 2024

ACV Partners takes the stress out of running an e-commerce business, whether you want to sell on Amazon, Etsy, or TikTok Shop!

If you've been keeping one eye on e-commerce and wondering how to get involved, you don't want to miss this opportunity. By working with ACV Partners ( Accelerated eCom Ventures) you can reap all the rewards of owning an online store – but outsource all the hard work!

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Proven-to-convert strategies

The agency has previously worked with dozens of entrepreneurs who have successfully scaled their stores to 6 and 7-figure Amazon businesses, but recognizes a low-competition market in TikTok and Etsy - and now it is open to consultations for newcomers in the space. “If you seek an all-in e-commerce growth partner to shortcut years of lessons, lack of time or expertise, let us accelerate your success,” a spokesperson says.

TikTok has over a billion active monthly users and a recent study by RootDigital revealed that 50% of its user base has made a purchase after encountering a product on their feed - so for your fledgling business, this presents a unique opportunity to drive sales.

Contrasting this is Etsy - more of a dedicated marketplace for handmade and vintage items, the agency says. It caters to a niche but highly engaged audience, so selling on the platform gives you access to a built-in customer base actively seeking unique and artisanal products.

All the admin is managed for you

Once you've been onboarded, ACV Partners takes on 100% of the work, so you can benefit from the company's expertise without needing to manage day-to-day operations, and all you need to do is oversee invoices.

The agency uses advanced AI tools and transparent reporting to provide you with a comprehensive view of your product growth performance – allowing you to track clicks, sales, conversion rates, audience demographics, and top-selling products through one dashboard.

Work with a growth partner today

The spokesperson adds: “We approach each client relationship with a commitment to quality, performance, and transparency. Our goal is to empower your e-commerce success by providing industry-leading services tailored to your unique needs.”

Do you want to jump into the booming e-commerce space without having to do the hard work yourself?

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