Automated Ecommerce Expansion: Tap Into Growing Walmart & TikTok Markets

Mar 18, 2024

Amazon’s FBA helped many brands get established and succeed, and ACV Partners offers you the same opportunity in some of most exciting new e-commerce marketplaces, including Walmart, Etsy, and TikTok Shop.

Your E-Commerce Growth Partners

From finding sales outlets to managing stock and filling orders, delving into the world of e-commerce isn’t as easy as it might sound. Unless, of course, you have experts on hand to manage all of that for you, and that’s exactly what ACV Partners does.

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The team does all the heavy lifting for your e-commerce brand, including placing you in low-competition emerging markets, like Etsy, TikTok, and Walmart. You also have access to licensed logistics infrastructure, expert support, and a network of exclusive brands.

ACV Partners continues to work with Amazon FBA, so you’ll be present on both established and upcoming marketplaces. You can choose from two levels of investment, and you retain full ownership of your store following setup.

The Benefits Of Managed E-Commerce

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) was designed to remove the administrative and logistical burden from e-commerce businesses by handling product storage, packing, shipping, and customer service. You send your products to an Amazon distribution center, with the firm then managing all aspects of the post-sale process.

As ACV Partners points out, the ‘done-for-you’ nature of Amazon’s FBA helped many small brands grow, and the firm now offers the same opportunities in emerging marketplaces, such as Etsy, Walmart, and TikTok. The firm’s warehousing network now includes facilities in Texas, California, Michigan, New York, and Florida, and it has an open-door policy so you can see the operation for yourself.

“With a proven scalable infrastructure and some of the most talented leadership in the industry, ACV is responsible for pulling in millions in revenue on Amazon alone,” a company representative explained. “However, we began to see a seismic shift towards emerging social network channels and retail disruptors, so we’re taking our solution to the cutting edge of e-commerce trends.”

About ACV Partners

As part of the fully managed solution, ACV Partners offers a triple guarantee, including a full buy-back guarantee on the up-front fee, a 30-day ROI guarantee, and a store replacement guarantee. The firm states that it accepts a limited number of new partners each month in order to ensure the continued quality and success of the program.

“I would definitely recommend ACV Partners,” one client recently stated. “It's been great for me. I still have my job, so it’s much easier to let the professionals take care of my e-commerce store for me.”

Join the team at ACV Partners and benefit from channel connections and expertise that could take you years to achieve on your own.

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