Top Detergent-Free Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner For Truck Mounted Bypass Systems

Aug 1, 2023

Choose green for the ultimate clean with Plus Manufacturing Inc.’s powerful yet planet-kind cleaning solutions.

If you’re looking for safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions for your home or workplace, you need to check out these eco-friendly products!

Plus Manufacturing Inc.’s Procyon range is gentle on materials, environmentally sound, and safe for people and pets. Yet, it’s powerful enough to eliminate the toughest dirt, grease, and grime!

From powders that remove ink, road tar, and shoe polish, to cleaners that will leave your carpets and upholstery significantly softer and brighter, you’ll find everything you need in this store!

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If you’re wondering how it all works, Plus Manufacturing Inc.’s carpet cleaners utilize all-natural degreasers and water softeners to break down and emulsify contaminants instead of soap or enzymes. Debris that is not rinsed out crystalizes when dry for easy removal with a vacuum cleaner.

Owing to this, the company’s products greatly reduce rapid re-soiling so that carpets stay cleaner for longer. “Soapy cleaning products leave a residue that can cause your carpet to catch even more dirt and grime - yuck! This means that each time you use a typical carpet cleaner, you just open a door to further staining and soiling,” said Plus Manufacturing Inc.

The store’s Procyon Extreme Carpet Pre-Spray can be diluted or used with CRB machines and encapsulation systems by professional or home cleaners. With a pH of 10 during cleaning and 6.5 when dry, the formula is highly effective yet approved safe for sensitive skin and children.

To eliminate tough stains, Plus Manufacturing Inc. recommends its Soap-Free Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. This concentrate is compatible with portable extractors or truck-mounted bypass cleaning systems that deliver high cleaning power and fast results.

Other products include Procyon Plus Powder - a versatile solution that can clean heavy grease, oil, road tar, ink, and blood stains. The company’s Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser can be used on hard surfaces and vehicles while its Soap-Free Spot & Stain Remover effectively removes small spill stains without damaging natural fibers.

For floors and bathrooms, you can opt for the store's Tile and Grout Cleaner which boasts enough power to strip wax. Its fast-drying formula reduces the risk of slips and falls and is a popular choice for healthcare facilities, shopping malls, and educational facilities.

Procyon products contain zero VOCs and are Green Seal and Indoor Air Quality tested and certified. In addition, they are WoolSafe Approved and will not damage textiles.

Plus Manufacturing Inc. aims to lessen the impact of toxic chemicals on the environment and public health with its green cleaning solutions. Safety data sheets for its products are available on the website.

A satisfied customer said: "I have found these products to be very valuable in our operation. We no longer have problems with “browning” and our carpets look great. Once we were able to flush the old soap from our carpet with the Procyon, our dilution ratio fell to 2 ounces of chemical for every 5 gallons of water."

Visit Plus Manufacturing Inc. today for the supreme green cleaning products you need!

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