Get Odor-Free, Hypoallergenic Stain & Grout Cleaner, Safe For You & Environment

Feb 21, 2024

Keep your home safe and clean with Plus Manufacturing, Inc. eco-friendly cleaning products for home use! Now you can get a kit of spray bottles with stain and grout cleaner ready to use on furniture, carpets, and bathrooms.

While society has come a long way in raising awareness of health-hazardous products like cigarettes, fast food, and alcohol, you probably have some potentially deadly products right under your sink at home. Yep, I'm talking about cleaning products. A company that wants to change this slack attitude towards using dangerous chemicals is Plus Manufacturing Inc., and now you can get their most popular cleaning products as a kit!

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Plus Manufacturing's kit includes a 32 oz. bottle of the Tile & Grout Cleaner as well as a 32 oz. bottle Spot & Stain Remover, that are hypoallergenic and safe for children and pets. This is an affordable way to keep your home free from chemicals without compromising on cleanliness. 

Eco and Health-Friendly Cleaning 

Environmentally friendly cleaning products have increased in popularity in recent years, with a heightened awareness of the impact chemicals have on both health and the planet. Plus Manufacturing offers a range of items for cleaning upholstery, carpets, and inside and outside areas, making it easy for you to make conscious choices.

"Get your bathroom and carpet looking its best with two of our green home classics," a spokesperson for the company said. "Both products are trusted by professionals worldwide and are hypoallergenic and safe for pets, kids and your family."

Health Dangers of Chemical Cleaning Products

According to an investigation of 2,000 American cleaning products by the Environmental Working Group, the fumes from many commonly used chemicals can cause asthma in people who have no other health problems. Furthermore, there are indications that cleaning products could increase the risk of breast cancer, affect the reproduction of both animals and humans, as well as cause skin irritation. 

Pretty scary stuff, right? Now, you hopefully understand the importance of thinking twice about what cleaners you use at home. 

Tested and Certified Cleaners

Plus Manufacturing's Soap Free Procyon cleaners are thoroughly tested and certified to be odor-free, Asthma and Allergy-Approved, and to have No Volatile Organic Compounds. The Spot & Stain Remover is easy to use on furniture and other textiles and even removes grease and oil without breaking down natural fibers. The Tile & Grout Cleaner efficiently removes dirt and grease, and as a soap-free product, it has the additional benefit of not leaving any sticky or slippery residue.

Professional, Safe Cleaning

Plus Manufacturing also has a selection of products for professional carpet cleaners, cleaning companies, hotels, schools and more. The hypoallergenic cleaners can be bought in various sizes, up to 5-gallon bottles, for a cost-efficient solution.

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