Top Dallas Accident Attorney Represents Victims In Distracted Driver Claims

Jul 31, 2023

When motorists drive distracted, they endanger all those around them. If you’ve been injured in a collision with a distracted driver, call Reyna Law Firm in Dallas at 682-251-1981 today.

A moment of inattention behind the wheel can lead to tragedy - do you believe your car accident was caused by a distracted driver? These Dallas lawyers fight for your case, your rights, and your justice.

Reyna Law Firm is here to provide you with specialist guidance, offering counsel on your potential next steps. In the event that your crash was caused by another motorist driving while texting or using a phone in another capacity, the firm details subsequent strategies that target compensation for any injuries or damage you’ve sustained.

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The dangers of driving while distracted continue to present themselves on major highways in and around cities such as Dallas. Recent NHTSA figures demonstrate the perilous nature of driver inattention - in fact, it caused more than 3500 fatalities in 2021 alone.

Due to the significant amount of commercial vehicle traffic both en route to Dallas and out of the city at all times, the risk of deadly collisions is high. When distracted drivers enter the equation, that risk only increases. The injuries that follow can be catastrophic - which is why Reyna Law Firm targets substantial compensatory figures on your behalf.

Reyna Law Firm’s attorneys are familiar with the injuries that can occur as a result of high-impact vehicle crashes - as well as the medical costs that come with treatment. With its services, the firm uses medical documents while liaising with care providers in the formation of airtight evidence in your injury claim case.

After valuing your claims based on past damages and projected future expenses, Reyna Law Firm’s services also enable its lawyers to pursue reimbursement for such losses. This can involve extensive negotiations with guilty drivers as well as their legal counsel and associated insurers.

Further, the firm is well aware of the tactics and loopholes that insurance companies often attempt to exploit. Reyna Law Firm warns that the primary goal of insurers is to minimize your payment awards - and as such, its team can step in to counter their moves while providing you with courtroom representation if necessary.

Don’t settle for meager amounts - you’ve been wronged and Reyna Law Firm can help to make it right.

If you’re in or around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, please visit for more info on Reyna Law Firm and its services.

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