Top Coin Designer of Custom Coins For Yacht Clubs With NFC Integrations

Apr 28, 2023

Gray Water Ops can now provide you with stunning custom challenge coins in a variety of finish materials to promote your club or organization.

Promoting your club or organization in a way that feels unique and memorable can be difficult. We are awash in a world of cheap merchandise, from plastic cups to pop sockets and sunglasses - it can be overwhelming.

However, if you are looking to put forward a professional image for your group and also give people a keepsake they will remember, Gray Water Ops has the answer. They have designed a patented new challenge coin product that you can use to wow potential members - custom inlaid coins that are perfect for giveaways and promotional events.

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You can enlist Gray Water Ops and their custom design team to create high-quality inlaid challenge coin products in any combination of metallic or enamel materials. The service allows you to choose from several variants of copper, silver, gold, brass, bronze, and nickel platings, as well as soft and hard enamel.

These challenge coins are die-pressed using specialty techniques to create a durable and high-quality product built to last for years. These branded coins are designed to promote your cause through a professional, top-grade product intended to capture attention more effectively than a traditional business card.

Gray Water Ops Smart coins each contain a patented, programmable NFC chip that can be used to link to exclusive members-only webpages, fundraising drives, loyalty programs, and more. The company is the exclusive manufacture to offer this technology and are currently exploring new use cases as the project continues. It's the first challenge coin to be protected by a US utility patent.

Custom challenge coins are ideal for clubs and organizations as promotional merchandise, as they can not only be emblazoned with interesting designs, but can also establish a digital presence. The coins will automatically direct any device to the pre-programmed digital destination upon being passed over a NFC enabled smartphone, simplifying the promo process to a single action.

Your new and existing members alike will be stunned at the incredible product that Gray Water Ops puts out. Their service has been used by organizations like NASCAR in the past to promote well-known names, and your organization can be next.

You can reach out to the Gray Water Ops design team to collaborate on customized artwork created specifically for the challenge coin medium. The team will work closely with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the design before the mint run begins. In addition, you can order a single-proof coin available throughthe company online store, to test your concept before committing to creating a custom run of 250 coins or more.

Gray Water Ops is entirely owned and operated by a veteran, and he's committed to living up to the high standard of quality that entails. Their company also supports various veterans’ health charities, donating a portion of select sales to organizations like the Red Cross.

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