This Subscription Service Is The Best Graded Gold Coin Membership Plan Today

Sep 21, 2022

If you collect coins and precious metals, this might be of interest to you: 7k Metals has a new autosaver program, allowing you to receive a beautiful, hand-picked collectible coin in the mail every month.

This Subscription Service Is The Best Graded Gold Coin Membership Plan Today

Here’s one for you:

Why did the pirate bury his treasure only 18 inches into the ground?

Because booty is only shin-deep!

While the days of the privateer digging up a chest of glittering doubloons may be long behind us (for better or for worse), the call of the gold coin has persisted through the ages. Even now, coins are a popular and lucrative store of value, and what if I told you that you no longer have to go digging on a remote island to find them?

7k Metals makes it easy for you to find gold and silver collectibles by shipping them directly to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Their autosaver program delivers not only hand-selected quality collectibles but a variety of other benefits as well.

To find out how you can sign up today, visit

7k Metals has standard and premium package options available as part of this new service. Each package comes with travel opportunities, a discounts marketplace app, and a varying degree of access to Stack n’ Sell the number 1 secondary coin marketplace.

Their standard package comes with your choice of monthly collectible, certification, and access to their SoundMoney wallet service with standard access to the coin exchange platform Stack n’ Sell.

The premium option for this service includes all the features of the standard package with the addition of financial training courses and price evaluation tools. These training sessions and tools are included for those who wish to further understand the precious metals market and become more adept at appraisal and valuation.

Both packages also provide access to the 7k health plan, a precious metal-backed health insurance service. The plans also both include access to the exclusive asset collection, available only to those who subscribe to the service, which provides dealer-only prices directly to the consumer on hand-selected new-mint coins.

Their September collection includes 4 options for subscribers, each featuring artwork minted in gold or silver. Gold banknotes featuring the art of Tom Holdman are available this month, as well as American State Animal coins in gold or silver. American MS70 State Silver Eagles are also included in this month’s collection.

All coins provided by 7k metals are graded and certified by weight and purity in order to provide the buyer with a long-lasting, cherished piece of art. More on the benefits available through their autosaver subscription service is available on their website, as well as a wide variety of tools and display equipment to properly preserve the collectibles they provide.

If only the pirates of olde could see you now – gold coins practically falling into your lap, while you never even have to leave the house! Sign up today for the 7k Metals program and start building your pirate horde (and valuable collection) today.

Find out more about 7k Metals at


Purchasing precious metals (bullion, coins and/or collectibles) involves risk. We strongly encourage you to exercise due diligence and properly educate yourself prior to purchasing precious metals.

The information presented by here is not to be considered tax or financial advice. We encourage you to seek appropriate professional advice regarding the tax and financial implications of buying, owning or selling precious metals.

The price and future value of precious metals is based on many factors, including but not limited to market and economic conditions. Past performance of precious metals is no guarantee of future performance or future values.

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