This Pleasant Grove Car Dealership Offers Affordable Financing For Bad Credit

Apr 14, 2024

Are you ready to leave your bad credit behind and finally get the car you deserve? Check out Rocky Mountain Motor Cars! Their new financing plans will help you afford a better car.

This Pleasant Grove Car Dealership Offers Affordable Financing For Bad Credit

The dealership’s in-house financing team will work with you to create a plan you can afford, no matter what your credit history looks like.

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This announcement allows you to purchase a vehicle you love with a payment plan you can afford. Rocky Mountain Motor Cars has a wide selection of high-quality vehicles, all of which have passed a comprehensive inspection.

Over the last few years, Americans have increasingly preferred to buy used cars. Pre-owned vehicles allow customers to afford better cars, elicit lower insurance and registration fees, and experience less depreciation. With diligent inspections and a two-year 24,000-mile warranty, Rocky Mountain Motor Cars offers the benefits of buying pre-owned while delivering a high level of reliability.

Rocky Mountain Motor Cars boasts a 99% approval guarantee for individuals who are currently employed. The company will look at your current situation and anticipated future to help determine financing, allowing you to build better credit and afford nicer vehicles.

You can obtain pre-qualification instantly. Unlike other dealers, there is no SSN or DOB required for pre-qualification, and it does not affect your credit score. Find out more at

The dealership has a large variety of quality pre-owned vehicles from different manufacturers. They stock trucks, vans, SUVs, sedans, family crossovers, and more.

In addition to passing a thorough inspection, every vehicle at Rocky Mountain Motor Cars comes with the car facts history. Therefore, the vehicles on-site are more reliable than the cars you’d find at other dealerships, and the two-year warranty guarantees you won’t receive a faulty car.

The company also has an on-site service center with the most experienced mechanics in Pleasant Grove. They keep their clients’ vehicles running like new and maximize auto potential.

About Rocky Mountain Motor Cars

Rocky Mountain Motor Cars is a pre-owned vehicle dealership based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They have 15 years of experience selling and financing cars, emphasizing accessibility to people with damaged credit.

A satisfied customer: “I honestly thought I couldn’t buy a car with my poor credit. But when we needed a reliable vehicle, we could get it at Rocky Mountain Motor Cars. Everyone has been such a great help, and my family can do more now with a reliable car.”

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