This Orland Park, IL Scuba Equipment Store Has Classes For All Ages & Abilities

Jul 23, 2021

Dive Right In Scuba can teach you how to dive and swim! Contact the store today to find out more about their range of classes and community events!

Have you always wanted to learn how to dive? Are you looking to become a better swimmer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Diver Right In Scuba has the classes and programs for you!

The diving store has just updated its range of services to include new courses and community events. The Orland Park, Illinois company offers diving and swimming lessons and advanced certification courses.

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This latest announcement will help you access high-quality diving and aquatic safety lessons from experienced, certified divers.

Established in 2005, Dive Right In Scuba has become the leading diving gear shop in Illinois. The store’s wide selection of products includes snorkeling equipment, heavy-duty technical diving gear, public safety diving hardware and more. Dive Right In Scuba’s expert staff can provide clients with guidance on the best equipment for their specific needs and skill level.

Enroll your youngsters in the diving course for kids

Learn more about the company's rotating courses and events at:

The store’s range of classes provides you with an opportunity to develop as a diver - no matter your age or skill level! Dive Right In Scuba offers classes all year and frequently organizes community events to encourage wider participation in the sport.

Dive Right In Scuba’s diving classes range from introductory lessons for children, to professional level certification courses. The shop’s courses are recognized by several regulatory bodies, including Technical Diving International (TDI) and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

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You can also opt to take the swimming lessons with the diving store. Both private and semi-private classes are available and all lessons take place in Dive Right In Scuba’s heated pool in Orland Park.

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The shop also offers a range of online classes if you can't attend in-person events. Virtual courses cover topics including coral reef conservation, blood born pathogens, historian diver classes and recognizing marine life injuries.

More on the company's CPR courses can be found at

This update is in line with Dive Right In Scuba’s commitment to providing the Orland Park community with the skills and knowledge they need to become proficient divers and swimmers. The company has also developed a strong reputation for its informative, welcoming classes and high level of client care.

You can check out their public safety diving course at

The owner of Diver Right In Scuba, Mike Pederson, said: “We are always looking for new ways to educate our community and help people of all ages feel safe and comfortable in the water. Our certification courses and diving lessons are very popular among our fellow scuba enthusiasts. We are always happy to see a new face in our classes.”

Are you ready to learn something new? Contact Dive Right In Scuba to find out more about their range of products and classes!

Dive Right In Scuba has the swimming and diving lessons you need! Go to to sign up for your first lesson today!

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