This Online Communication Course Can Transform Your Leadership Style For Less

Dec 20, 2020

The Foundations of Kinection™ is a newly launched program designed to help people elevate their communication skills through simple but effective methods. Participants utilize the tools they gain to transform their behavior in the long-term.

How do you currently communicate with your workforce? Do you want to improve your communication and leadership skills this new year? Have you considered joining a virtual online course that can teach you how to elevate your impact and help you inspire others? If you have answered ‘yes,’ this is the course for you!

A new virtual online course has been launched called the Foundations of Kinection™ designed to help you enhance your communication and leadership skills as well as fostering a better connection with your workforce.

You can find out more at

The newly launched online course from ADVO Group, which begins on January 5th, is principles-based and includes behavioral development techniques that are inspired by the world of acting.

They add that they help you to articulate what you do and how you do it, they teach you how to create messages that are engaging and encourage others to act, as well as encouraging you to have an intentional presence to define your perspective to others. You can view more details at

For a limited time, you can sign up for the course and receive a discount as part of the ‘New Year, New You’ sale. You can enroll in the entire three-module course for 50% OFF, receive feedback on your progress from the course authors Greg Derelian and Peter Katona, and have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback about the course learning experience.

If you want to elevate your impact both in your career and personal life, you will benefit from this course. The course takes a tailored approach to ensure you get the most from their services and the program so that you can communicate and lead with greater intention and influence.

Connecting on a deeper human level is also an important element of the program. The process is simple, they help you discover yourself in terms of your strengths and weaknesses by achieving awareness, specificity, and connection with your communication process.

You are invited to practice the principles-based ADVO tools that elevate your impact. These tools are translated into new behaviors that transform you and your behaviors long-term.

A client testimonial states: “ADVO Group helped me to find my voice and say what I needed to say with confidence and impact. Their coaching was empowering and invaluable during my job search and I feel fortunate to have worked with such caring and dedicated individuals.”

You can find out more by visiting the links provided! Alternatively, you can view the company Facebook page at

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