Master Public Speaking & Audience Engagement With Top Presentation Skills Course

Feb 22, 2022

ADVO Group offers Present Like A Rockstar, the speech writing and public speaking course you need! Visit their website to know more!

Master Public Speaking & Audience Engagement With Top Presentation Skills Course

So, I have this friend who totally froze while presenting her pitch to a panel of executives at our firm. I never understood the expression "like a deer in headlights" until I saw her. She was petrified! In a panic, she started mouthing these random technical terms in a stuttery kind of way. I was sweating through my blouse for her! The poor thing. LOL!

What? Umm, yeah. My friend? Fine!! It was me, okay! Whatever.

Look, you have the same problem, too! So, don't joke. Listen, if you wanna get better at public speaking, you gotta get on this program I'm on now. It's called Present Like A Rockstar by ADVO Group. It's legit.

The program features presentation skills development, establishing audience connection, streamlined speech writing, and more. The course uses the company's actor-led innovations to achieve impactful presentations.

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The course provides you with effective tools to help you develop powerful narrative skills when communicating with an audience. Created by ADVO Group co-founders Greg Derelian and Peter Katona, the 15-minute short course dispenses exclusive presentation delivery expertise based on their Yale School of Drama education and years of professional acting experience.

The professional actors turned communication architects established the proprietary training method called KINECTION™ to help you become a better public speaker. KINECTION is the process of making your audience share in your vision and moving them on a deeper and more authentic level.

According to Greg and Peter, more often than not, presentations don't have the proper structure and tend to include too much useless information. This overwhelms your audience and basically bores them half to death.

With the Present Like A Rockstar course, you'll master the art of making an impact and the ability to grab your audiences' full attention. Plus, you'll learn how to influence their hearts and minds! Magic! Furthermore, you'll know how to clearly articulate your message, communicate an actionable path to follow, and compel your listeners to take action on your behalf. The course also imparts presentation writing skills that make for more entertaining, organized, and relevant speeches.

The program includes a 15-minute course designed to enhance your presentation skills, concrete examples that you can implement immediately, a printable PDF download of the Impact Template, and unlimited private email access to the course founders, Greg Derelian and Peter Katona. Sweet deal!

According to one satisfied trainee, "Peter and Greg deliver a very high-value and compelling leadership and presentation format that helped me in my everyday interactions with people from all different aspects of our organization. Presentation skills are a critical and often overlooked area for business professionals. The template is a tremendous coaching toolbox for success!"

Get ready to slay your first TED talk!

Visit so you can find out more!

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