This Nap-Loving Dachshund Will Amuse You As He Dashes For His Fluffy Bed

Jun 3, 2020

Are you a dog lover who enjoys an occasional amusing story? Then visit this dog lover’s site. Its newly released story features a Dachshund darting for his bed following a walk outdoors.

If you love a good story about any type of dog, then check out My Best Bark! This online dog lover’s site features stories on different genres, including inspirational, amusing, and heroics. This particular story is an amusing one about a nap-loving Dachshund.

My Best Bark, an internet site for dog lovers, has released its newest report. The story this time around tells of a Dachshund that so loves sleeping he immediately seeks his bed following his return home from a walk.

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It is common knowledge that constant napping is a regular part of a dog’s daily routine. As such, this Dachshund’s actions in My Best Bark’s newest article comes as no surprise to readers.

The story, written by dog enthusiast Riley Kay, opens with a brief history of King, the featured canine. It tells of King having recently moved in with his new family and immediately falls in love with his fluffy bed that they provided.

Riley continues to relate that whenever the playful and affectionate Dachshund is taken for a walk by one of his owners, he would be anxious to return him to his bed. King’s owners, the story explains, believe that the dog and his bed have a special bond. In fact, it has been this way from the moment he stepped foot into the home and was presented with the welcome gift.

It is no wonder then, that on this particular day King dove into his bed as soon as his owner brought him back home from his daily walk. The brief report comes attached with a video of the Dachshund’s antics as recounted by the author.

In the short video, King can be seen eagerly waiting for the elevator doors to this apartment floor to open. As soon as the door opens, much like his breed’s name is pronounced, the Dachshund is seen dashing from the elevator and heading straight to his apartment door, where he eagerly awaits for it to be opened. 

As was the case with the first door on the floor, immediately after he is let in, King rushes to lay down on what appears to be one of the fluffiest beds a dog could have. According to the author dog lovers and anyone who loves sleep are sure to relate to the nap-loving Dachshund love for his bed.

“Those people who spend a lot of time thinking about getting back to their bed can sure relate to him. While other dogs find their motivation from food, this cute puppy finds his own from his bed,” she stated.

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