Get Resort Packages With Easy Booking For University Students This Summer

May 3, 2024

Travel experiences are so beneficial for students that many colleges are trying to remove financial barriers, but the strings attached disqualify some youth. Travorium, a secret travel booking site, offers university students travel agent rates on hotels, excursions, and more.

Summer break is almost here. You'd love to explore the world, but travel requires money. And money requires a job. And a job requires you to go to work instead of traveling.

Do you see the problem? Well, with Travorium, there is no problem. The little-known travel booking site offers college students hotel accommodations, cruises, excursions, and more, at rates normally only available to travel agents. If you'd like to learn more, check out

Helpful Lifeline or Too Many Strings?

More than 50 percent of college students desire to travel abroad, according to a recent report from Inside Higher Ed Magazine. But travel costs can prevent many from reaping the benefits of these growing experiences. Both schools and related organizations are trying to remove these financial barriers, by offering assistance with passport fees and travel costs.

Many programs, however, are limited and have grade requirements, while others require you to be a member of specific student organizations or belong to a minority group. These programs help some students who would normally be stuck stateside, but they certainly don't make the playing field level.

Another Option For Broke College Students

If you're interested in traveling but aren’t enrolled in college or don’t earn high marks, make travel arrangements using Travorium. The obscure travel site offers users members-only rates on hotels, resort packages, excursions, and more. It provides an affordable alternative to more widely-known booking options.

Many traditional travel sites are known to increase their prices to pad their bottom line but Travorium cuts unnecessary fees and other extra costs to offer customers rates normally only available to travel agents. Some customers pay rates that are 70 percent lower than retail.

More Than A Luxury

Whether they're pleasure trips or study abroad opportunities, travel experiences frequently spur accelerated personal development, improved social interaction, and even higher academic performance, according to the Student & Youth Travel Association. Travorium can help you book transformative experiences with partner resorts in over 2,000 destinations worldwide. Opportunities are available for trips to the island of Martinique; Bali, Indonesia; Florence, Italy; the Mexican Riviera, and more.

Travorium’s unique direct sales model helps youth break the "broke student" stereotype. Members can build income to support travel and other experiences from anywhere using their mobile devices. Additional to earning a passive income that continuously pays you month after month, you can even earn travel points to further pay down their reduced prices on experiences as your network grows.

If you'd like to learn more about what Travorium can offer you, click

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