This Gas Strut Pass-Thru Window Has A Single-Lever Design For Effortless Opening

Jun 6, 2023

OpenUp Windows’ new easy locking flip-out pass-thru window has a seamless and stylish fullbound sill. Invite light, visibility and spaciousness into your home with OpenUp.

Create a truly open and light-filled flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces with OpenUp Windows and their sustainable, practical and aesthetically pleasing countertop and tabletop pass-thru windows.

The bespoke window designers helped to pioneer the flip-out pass-thru window and their newest model brings you over 40 years of design development and refinement. With their latest countertop window, OpenUp Windows is now offering you a new easy lock that balances security and aesthetics and a unique fullbound sill that creates a more seamless fit and a more minimalist look.

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With the cost-of-living crunch, you are probably now spending more time at home, entertaining your friends and family, and eating in rather than eating out. Given the rise of home entertainment, OpenUp Windows has designed their new window to offer you improved indoor and outdoor living, and easier party serving and atmosphere creation.

Their flip-out pass-thru window will naturally open up the flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces and create a focal point that will tie your kitchen, dining room or family room together with your home’s exterior entertaining spaces, whether it’s a BBQ area, a swimming pool, or just a garden.

With their latest model and its airy fullbound sill, OpenUp Windows believes they can also now offer you a greater sense of visibility and light, and an understated minimalist design that will suit your home. Whether you have a distinctly modern new build or a more historic character property, OpenUp is confident that their window will look amazing.

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Additionally, OpenUp Windows have now designed an innovative single handle locking system. Ed Page, the Head Engineer of OpenUp created this new integrated lock to give you “fluid locking, unlocking, and movement” and “to ensure optimal aesthetics on your countertop.”

OpenUp Windows’ latest model is also sustainable, and the window makers have proudly crafted it using recycled, environmentally friendly and naturally insulating Accoya wood. For greater sustainability credentials, they have also added new insulating glaze on their quality window glass that will help you keep your heating and cooling bills down too!

OpenUp Windows is based in New York, and they manufacture their bespoke windows for homes across the country.

A spokesperson for the window designers said, “Our passion for quality design shines through in our work—our windows are intended to beautify, redefine, and truly open up your space, all while adhering to the highest set of durability, sustainability, and quality standards.”

Make your home a hub for lively entertainment, great food and beautiful ambience with OpenUp Windows.

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