This Double Filter French Press Coffee Maker Is Easy To Disassemble For Cleaning

Feb 15, 2024

Tired of sacrificing your morning slumber to squeeze in a trip to the coffee shop before work? Instead, you can get your morning fix right at home, with the EzDtach French press coffee maker. Head over to SYL Prosper Inc.’s Amazon storefront to get yours!

Ah, the familiar taste of bitter disappointment in the morning! Your 'wake-me-up-before-work' dose of coffee is not how you like it, and your half-asleep, groggy self can't be bothered to make another pot. So you either drink the concoction anyway or resign yourself to the fact that you'll have to make a detour to the nearby coffee shop.

But what if there was a third choice? What if instead, you could have that rich, smooth, and creamy cup of coffee every morning? No fails. No leaving it to chance.

Say goodbye to your moody coffee makers and unpredictable brews and say hello to the EzDtach French press coffee maker - the best thing you never knew you needed, until now.

With its sleek and comfy-to-grip knob design, you can easily push and pull to create the perfect brew every time. But that's not all - the EzDtach comes with a double-screen filter, ensuring that every last bit of those pesky coffee grounds is sifted out of your final brew. No more gritty, hard-to-swallow sips.

Get your EzDtach French press coffee maker from SYL Prosper Inc.'s Amazon storefront. Go to for more.

Able to hold up to 1 liter, the highly-rated product has an easy-to-disassemble design. This makes the coffee maker easy to take apart and clean.

Its patent-pending EzDtach winged nut design makes it easy to unscrew and remove the plunger. No tools needed! This smooth disassembly process also prevents any knobs or filters from being damaged by force.

Its high-quality durable finish provides a long-lasting design, with a rust-proof stainless steel frame, a heat-resistant borosilicate glass pot, and a sturdy plunger and handle.

The EzDtach French press coffee maker comes in silver, black, copper, and grey color variants, with 2 replacement filter screens included. Additionally, this particular model of coffee maker can also be used as a loose tea infuser.

Based in Los Angeles, EzDtach seller SYL Prosper Inc. also ships a range of kitchen appliances and utensils, including water pitchers, tea balls, kettles, coffee dripper filter cups, manual coffee grinders, and other French press models.

A satisfied customer said: “It doesn't get much easier than this. Add your coffee grounds, add the hot water, and let it steep. Pour and drink. This elegant press is simple to clean, has a good sturdy handle, and comes with extra screens that are easy to change. Makes you feel like a barista without all the work.”

So, if you, like many, need a good morning cup of coffee to function, your future self will thank you for getting the EzDtach French press coffee maker. The banisher of bad coffee, and your new kitchen staple.

Go to to elevate your morning experience with the perfect brew, every time.

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