The Best French Press Coffee Maker? Easy-To-Clean, Innovative Model Debuts

Feb 14, 2024

An upgraded French Press design by SYL Prosper fixes a common design flaw that often leads to the destruction of the coffee maker. The unique retooling also makes the device easier to clean, ensuring a fresh cup free from stale grounds.

Mornings are hard. And they're especially cruel when your coffee maker malfunctions and you're forced to face them uncaffeinated.

But makers of an updated French press coffee maker want to change that.

The patent-pending design, introduced by SYL Prosper Inc., solves common problems standard French press users face.

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With frequent use, it's not uncommon for the French press' plunger and press plate to get stuck. Which leads tired, coffee-less home baristas to attempt to dislodge the parts using tools. Which often leads to the total destruction of the French press.

The new, proprietary design developed by SYL Prosper features a wing nut at the junction of the plunger and the press plate. This unique construction lets you simply remove the plunger if the press gets stuck. Additionally, it allows for a more thorough cleaning of the press plate, so you're guaranteed a fresh cup with every use rather than a mix of new and stale grounds.

Invented in 1852, the French press steeps the coffee grounds immersed in hot water, rather than running hot water through them like a drip coffee maker. This creates a brew that’s richer and more full-bodied than other methods. When the grounds are done steeping, the plunger is depressed to trap the grounds below the press, separating them from the liquid coffee.

The wing nut, and the rest of the metal components of this French Press Coffee Maker, are made from food-grade stainless steel, which is extremely corrosion-resistant. Since the tool must be immersed in water to function, whether you're making coffee or tea, this value-added feature extends its usable life.

Thoughtfully designed, the coffee maker features a double-screen filter to ensure no grounds escape into the coffee. Its heat-resistant borosilicate glass pitcher has a 1-liter capacity, and you also get an extra pair of screens with every press.

Customers say they appreciate the effectiveness of the coffee maker’s double filter. Coffee beans ground for use with a French press traditionally are more coarse than typical drip makers, making it uncomfortable if it escapes into the brew.

“You really aren’t gonna get any coffee grounds, especially if you grind bigger like you should for French press,” one customer reported. “This is a winner. It was easy to clean afterwards as well.”

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