This Customer Loyalty App Lets You Create Custom Parking Rewards & Offers Easily

Dec 2, 2022

Are your traditional discounts not attracting customers to your cafe or restaurant? Would you like to give them something that makes a real impact on their day? Then sign-up to MoveBe to start offering incentivized discounts on their parking!

This Customer Loyalty App Lets You Create Custom Parking Rewards & Offers Easily

If you’ve been struggling to increase footfall for your high-street business, you need a way to tap into your customers’ shopping habits. That’s where LocoMobi World’s MoveBe app can help by allowing you to offer parking-related discounts for your customers whenever they visit your store.

With MoveBe, you can create customized offers such as refunding all or part of a customer’s parking fees whenever they make a purchase at your store, making your cafe or restaurant the go-to place for their shopping trips.

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The app makes it easier for you as a café or store owner to drive traffic and acquire new customers for your establishment with rewards that actively encourage them to visit your business.

Following the pandemic, many high-street businesses are looking for new and innovative ways of driving footfall to their premises. Furthermore, incentives that have a real-life impact on your customer’s day-to-day life are more likely to be successful than traditional discounts and offers.

LocoMobi World’s MoveBe app is revolutionizing the way you market your business’s services with unique and attractive rewards that will keep customers coming back.

By allowing you to create customized rewards that discount the cost of parking, MoveBe encourages prospective customers to visit your store, as it will reduce the overall cost of their trips. Additionally, you can adjust your offers to relate to certain criteria, such as being valid for specific products or a minimum total bill amount.

As the application can be used on any tablet or mobile device, the system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing POS without any changes needed. The app also has no set-up or monthly fees, making it a cost-effective marketing strategy for your high-street business.

LocoMobi World’s MoveBe app is the latest expansion of the company’s Smart Parking services, which has seen them become leaders in the parking industry across the United States and Canada.

The company’s work has included the development of curbside pick-up and drive-through systems as well as implementing parking management systems in high-traffic locations such as Casa Loma (, Yellowknife International Airport (, and “The Bridge” in Calgary (

Information regarding the company and its upcoming developments can also be found at

“We specialize in smart city technology, thus, allowing us to develop unique solutions that help businesses enhance the customer experience to drive traffic and improve profitability,” the company spokesperson said.

Make a difference in the way your customers shop with awesome incentives and increase footfall for your business with MoveBe!

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