This Cloud-Based Parking Management System Enables Automated Car Park Services

Dec 3, 2022

Looking to finally bring your parking management infrastructure into the modern world? LocoMobi World provides the most advanced automated parking technology in the market today.

This Cloud-Based Parking Management System Enables Automated Car Park Services

Cities are not the only ones getting smarter. If you want to bring in more tenants and guests to your hotel or mall, you need a smarter and more efficient parking management system.

Luckily for you, LocoMobi World has finally introduced BriskPark, a range of parking equipment and software with cutting-edge smart city technology.

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BriskPark’s range of parking equipment is capable of seamlessly integrating with LocoMobi World’s cloud systems, allowing you to add additional software as needed. Further, the company offers a number of solution-based “add-ons” that offer services like mobile payments and license plate recognition, helping enhance customer experience.

BriskPark was designed to address the increasing demand for more efficient parking services, particularly in high-traffic buildings. If you own a retail center, hotel, or apartment complexes, then you don’t have to think twice about getting it.

And there’s a good reason for you to level up. According to a recent Grand View Research report, the parking management industry will experience double digit growth in the next decade owing to the rising number of vehicles and the demand for better management. These factors are also expected to contribute to the adoption of cloud-based parking systems during the forecast period.

“Part of our role in designing smart cities is identifying ways in which we can improve parking systems. BriskPark is our answer to the call for better parking management in modern cities,” a LocoMobi World spokesperson said. “It’s the next generation of parking control systems, offering a high level of security and convenience to both building managers and guests.”

BriskPark allows for remote configuration via LocoMobi World’s cloud portal. This system also gives you access to cameras, gates, and payment systems anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, BriskPark’s cloud capabilities allow you to implement optional software that enables new services. For instance, you can add the PassagePass app to turn on mobile payments or LPR Express, an app with license plate recognition technology that grants automated gate access to registered drivers.

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LocoMobi World specializes in developing smart city solutions for parking, tolling, asset tracking, threat management, and more. The award-winning technology firm was recently named one of the Top 30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in 2021 by the business magazine Silicon Review.

“By focusing on multiple synergistic industry sectors at the same time, LocoMobi World is able to better execute its vision of creating fully connected cities worldwide,” the company stated on its website.

LocoMobi World can help you bring your parking management system into the future today!

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