This Compact Hanging Doorstop Prevents Children From Trapping Fingers In Hinges

Nov 4, 2022

Do you squirm every time you see your little one’s fingers near a door frame? Wish there was a device that ensures your children’s fingers are safe from slamming doors? has the solution you need with its hinge door stoppers!

This Compact Hanging Doorstop Prevents Children From Trapping Fingers In Hinges

If you’ve experienced the cold sweat of fear when you’ve had to pull your child’s fingers from within the hinges of a door, you might wonder if there is a safe way of holding a door open. That’s exactly what’s creator, Tony Roma thought when he created his hanging doorstops.

The doorstops provide you with an efficient means of holding a door open by securely fixing onto the hinge of your door to prevent it from closing and therefore reduce the risk of trapped finger injuries.

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With the recent ‘Big Brother’ addition to their range, the company is also addressing requests from emergency services and commercial businesses wanting a wider hold for doors to maximize space in an entranceway.

The number of hospitalized injuries caused by trapped fingers and slamming doors is estimated at around 300,000 per year in the United States alone. Furthermore, as the guillotining force of a closing door hinge can reach 16 tonnes, these accidents could result in fractured fingers, and even amputations.’s product range offers you a simple yet highly effective way of protecting your children and yourself from dangerous and painful door injuries.

All of the company's doorstops are made from durable wood, rust-proof stainless steel, and protective rubber grips. Additionally, they have an in-built adjustable mechanism that allows the door stops to fit doors of all sizes.

Alongside being a child-safety product, the hanging doorstops are also a popular choice for those requiring easy access to a room such as moving companies and emergency services. The increasing demand for a compact doorstop led the company to develop the latest ‘Big Brother’ variation, which holds a door at its widest opening size.

Founded by Tony Roma, was developed due to his personal dedication to helping improve his home’s safety for his two children. The product was then expanded to include the little and big brother sizes as well as a brass variation to the stainless steel version.

You can purchase the hanging door stops through the company’s website, or on Amazon, where the product has received over one hundred positive reviews.

A recent buyer of the Hanging Door Stop said, “This looks great and works even better! I can use it on any door and not have to worry about bringing in groceries and the kids getting their fingers caught in the door!”

Prevent the risk of trapped fingers and painful injuries with a hanging door stop!

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