This Commercial Service Window Has Insulating & Minimalist Fullbound Sill Design

Jul 30, 2023

OpenUp Windows have the best commercial windows in the business! With state-of-the-art materials and an innovative design, this is the window to open your business up to your patrons and customers.

The best window for your storefront, restaurant, or office building is waiting for you at OpenUp Windows.

With their award-winning commercial service windows, OpenUp Windows employs an innovative flip-out gas strut design that allows their window to hold itself open at a 90-degree angle. Now, thanks to their fullbound sill, you can have their popular commercial window installed above an existing countertop or tabletop, or replace an old awning or double-hung window, with no adjustments needing to be made to the surface below or around the window.

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With their fullbound sill, OpenUp Windows is confident that their countertop window design will work even better in your storefront, restaurant, or office building. Their engineering and design team believes their fullbound sill will allow for more seamless installations and better integration with your existing customer serving areas. It has also been designed to be more naturally insulating.

In addition to improving insulation, installation, and functionality, OpenUp Windows also views their fullbound sill as a design feature. In addition to their quintessentially minimalist design style and aesthetic, they believe this type of sill - in which the side stiles and top and bottom rails of a window are identical in style - will bring you a more visually appealing and cohesive design.

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With this service window model, OpenUp Windows has also sought to make its window more durable and long-lasting. As longstanding commercial window makers, they understand the importance of longevity to your business and the demands of your high-use areas like storefronts. As such, this model gives you state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques, like their patented 2Fold® Technology, which partners Accoya® wood and extruded aluminum.

OpenUp Windows also offers you a 10-year full warranty on your new window, with their Accoya® wood frame also covered by an additional 40-year warranty.

OpenUp Windows designs and precision-engineers their windows in a boutique factory close to New York City.

A spokesperson for the window makers said, “Our founder, Ed Page’s, expert engineering and signature technology has made it possible for OpenUp to truly stand apart from its competitors. Not only do we swear by Ed’s signature 2Fold® Technology, making your window more visually pleasing and structurally sound, we offer a variety of design innovations and customization options—ensuring your window is built to last, to your exact specifications.”

If you’ve been considering a service window for your business, OpenUp makes it their business to create windows that are perfect in every way!

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