This Award-Winning Hamden Greek Restaurant Offers Vegan Burgers & Pita Pizza

Mar 7, 2023

Hamden’s Greek cuisine scene just got even healthier with the newest vegetarian options on Freskos’ menu! Dine in or call them at 203-823-9951 for takeout or delivery!

This Award-Winning Hamden Greek Restaurant Offers Vegan Burgers & Pita Pizza

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the Mediterranean diet and how much it can benefit your health. Traditional Greek cuisine typically sees a lot of overlap with the Mediterranean diet. So—you guessed it—Greek food is a wonderfully healthy option to add to your list of comfort foods that you can eat without guilt!

But wait, there’s more! Plant-based diets are also all the rage these days for the same reason: they tend to be healthier for you than meat-based ones.

And here’s the best part: Connecticut-based Freskos, a fast-casual dining restaurant that specializes in traditional Greek food, combines both a plant-based diet and Greek cuisine into one deliciously healthy combo! With their newest vegetarian Ya’sou Gyro, available exclusively at Freskos, you’ll be eating your way to a healthier future!

Visit to check out Freskos’ menu!

It is believed that a plant-based diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, says a restaurant spokesperson. Plant-based diets can also promote weight loss, as vegetables contain fewer calories than meat.

Freskos remains committed to offering residents of Connecticut healthier alternatives to fast food. Freskos’ new Ya’sou Gyro is a vegetarian option for those of you who want to reduce your meat intake—or cut meat out altogether. Instead of lamb or beef, the Ya'sou Gyro has a plant-based meat alternative as the filling, along with red onions, tomatoes, sprigs of dill, and tzatziki, which is a traditional Greek yogurt sauce. The filling is wrapped in warm pita bread that is freshly prepared in-store.

By the way, did you know that “ya’sou” literally translates into “to your health?” This saying is a very common expression in Greece, and it aptly describes what Freskos and their Ya’sou Gyro are all about!

Freskos also has other vegetarian options on their menu, including their Tofu Souvlaki, a Greek wrap with grilled and marinated organic tofu, and their Imported Greek Veggie Burger, which is served with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and tzatziki. If you’re vegan, you can also request that the tzatziki be omitted when you order the latter. Many vegetarian sides are available as well, including classic Greek salads and Greek lemon potatoes. Greens have never looked so good!

If you prefer meat dishes, you can opt for more traditional items on Freskos’ menu, such as their Shrimp Souvlaki, which is made with marinated jumbo shrimp, and their Classic Gyro, a gyro with a combination of beef and lamb as the filling. Freskos can also add meat toppings to their Greek vegetarian pita pizza upon request.

Freskos promises their customers an authentic Greek dining experience with every item on their menu, which they achieve by importing many of their ingredients directly from Greece. Since opening in 2016, the establishment has won several awards, including Best Greek Restaurant in CTNOW’s Best of New Haven reader’s poll. And it’s not hard to see why!

A satisfied customer said: “This restaurant reminded me of the delicious food I had on one of my trips to Greece. It's very authentic, and all the dishes that we ordered were simply delicious. Very fast and friendly service.”

Healthy eating has never tasted so good. Seriously, whoever said that you have to sacrifice flavor for good health clearly never ate at Freskos. But you certainly can! All that science-y talk on all those health shows may be Greek to you, but Freskos’ food doesn’t have to be! …Wait a minute. On second thought…

Go on and visit to get a healthier taste of Greece today. Ya’sou, friend!

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