This 6-Week Quantum Energy Immersion Course Helps You Connect To Your True Self

Jun 14, 2021

Host of the TV show The Soul on Fire, Health and Wellness Counselor and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer Noelle Agape is announcing the launch of her six-week Quantum Energy Immersion Online Course.

Are you a coach, practitioner, or trainer needing to take your clients to the next level? Are you stuck in old patterns of life? Have you noticed that even when you’re doing all the work, nothing seems to be moving? Noelle is here to help you change all of that.

Noelle Agape, TV Host, Best Selling Author, and International Speaker, is announcing the launch of her six-week Quantum Energy Immersion Online Course. In this Mastermind, Noelle teaches you how to connect with the highest version of yourself so you can bring this knowledge into your own life, and into your practice, where you can help your clients unblock negative energy and move past personal limitations.

More information can be found at

Noelle Agape is the host of television’s The Soul on Fire, a Health and Wellness Counselor, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer, Quantum Energy Trainer and Wellness Retreat Host. In her upcoming six-week Quantum Energy Immersion Online Course, Noelle will focus on helping participants heal childhood and ancestral trauma and reconcile feminine and masculine energies to remove subconscious blocks and understand their truth, power, and equilibrium.

Quantum therapy uses a holistic approach to help the body heal itself. It is based on a theory that says the human body is made of energy both inside and out, and that learning to manipulate this energy is the key to healing and living a life of joy and wellness.

In her six-week immersion course, Noelle will teach you about your own energy systems and how these systems can affect your daily life.

You will learn how to tap into your intuition, embody the manifestation process and connect to the energy of receiving.

If you’re feeling stuck or trapped in counterproductive patterns, you will learn specific techniques and modalities for moving past limitations and into alignment.

By drawing on the energy manipulation techniques Noelle teaches, you will learn to understand and transform your energetic blocks, how to raise your energy frequencies and how to embody these shifts at a cellular and molecular level.

Noelle says, “My goal is to help clients find balance in their lives so they can live the highest version of themselves. I coach them to self-mastery, which includes mastering their mind, mastering their ego, mastering their body, mastering their energy, and mastering their soul’s purpose​.”

With the launch of her six-week Quantum Energy Immersion Online Course Noelle promises you a journey of transformation, community and connection designed to awaken your inner power and connect you to the highest versions of yourself so you can go forward and live in your truth.

Are you ready for a life-changing experience? Visit to learn more.

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