Reawaken Your Mind Body Connection At This Spiritual Healing Retreat In Mexico

May 13, 2021

A health and wellness retreat is available through NLP Master/ Quantum Energy trainer Noelle Agape. The Mexican retreat lasts six nights and helps participants to re-establish their mind, body, and soul connection.

Connect to your spiritual side, access health and wellness counseling and rejuvenate every part of yourself at Noelle Agape’s Soul On Fire retreat in the tropical paradise of Tulum!

Noelle Agape, a quantum energy trainer, health and wellness counsellor, and NLP Master trainer, has launched the Soul On Fire adventure retreat.

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The life-changing retreat is focused on health, wellness, and elevated consciousness and is ideally suited to people who want to deepen their spiritual connection, quantum leap, and rejuvenate their minds and bodies. The retreat takes place in Tulum, Mexico, and lasts six days and five nights between June 1st and June 6th 2021.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “During this five-day Soul Immersion you will connect to your Highest Self on a level you’ve never experienced. You will experience the thrill of adventurous activities and most importantly become centered and balanced through Noelle Agape’s extensive knowledge and healing powers in making the mind, body, soul connection.”

You will join Agape on the tropical resort and embark on activities that will help to rewire your brain and activate your passion for life. On day one, you will attend a welcome ceremony where you will set goals and intentions and throughout the week you will partake in several wellness activities, including daily guided meditation and yoga sessions.

You will also receive instruction on mind, body, and soul integration, and have access to health and wellness coaching. Deep healing quantum activations are also included, as well as a Mayan clay ceremony, massages, and more. You will have the opportunity to explore the resort and during the trip, you will visit Mayan ruins and take an ATV ride through the jungle.

Food is included as part of the launch and you will receive three organic, pre-prepared meals per day. The trip will end with a closing ceremony that includes local music, local food, and dancing.

You can join the retreat by clicking the ‘Save Your Seat’ tab on the website. Flights and alcoholic beverages incur an extra charge.

Noelle Agape is a wellness retreat host with a background in health, wellness, and NLP. She is the host of the Soul On Fire TV show and helps people access a deeper spiritual connection.

Are you ready to connect to your higher consciousness in a tropical paradise?

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