These Vista Heights, Calgary Auto Accessories Experts Have Remote Car Starters

Oct 29, 2021

Never step into a cold car again. Call Wright Restyling at 403 278 0186 or visit their website to find out how you can get a remote car starter installed in your vehicle today.

Every Albertan knows the feeling of getting into a cold car, sitting in a chilly seat and putting your hands on an icy steering wheel. Then blowing on your hands trying to warm them up as part of your daily routine when you confront another freezing winter morning. That’s why you need to check out Wright Restyling’s remote car starters!

The company has updated its range of services to include remote car starter installations for customers based in Calgary’s Vista Heights neighbourhood and surrounding area. You can use a remote starter to heat your car from inside your home, giving your vehicle time to warm up and defrost some of that ice coating the outside.

Go to to find out more.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your car should be too. With the help of Wright Restyling, you can improve the comfort levels of your car during the winter months.

Wright Restyling is a leading automotive accessories retailer in Calgary, Alberta. The fully licensed and authorized retailer specializes in Katzkin Leather installations and car entertainment, comfort and safety systems. All services are carried out by the store’s team of expert technicians, trained to give customers the best product and installation service possible.

The technicians are so skilled that it will feel as if your car came with that remote starter. The store will perfectly calibrate the device to seamlessly fit with the make and model of your car. They’ll even solder and insulate all wire-to-wire connections to avoid any harmful corrosion in your vehicle.

Picky about your car? No problem, they’ll treat your car like their own, taking the same care and paying the same attention that you would expect them to. The store has loads of cutting-edge car starters that can be controlled from your choice of remote or smartphone. You can pick between tonnes of extra functions, auto defrost, trunk control, alarm assist, horn-honk, and much more, depending on your car.

Maybe you already have a remote starter? Well, in that case, the store offers a range of other cool car accessories like Katzkin leather upholstery, audio car systems, LED lighting, GPS, cruise control, radar detectors and jammers, heated and cooled seats and more. Go to the store’s website to get a quote or book an appointment today!

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With this update, Wright Restyling reaffirms its commitment to providing clients with high-quality after-market leather and electronic accessories for your car. The shop has also developed a strong reputation for its professional services and exemplary level of customer care.

One satisfied customer said: “Customer service was next to none. Very happy with the product and craftsmanship. Highly recommend this team. Thank you again for such prompt service, I will definitely come back again.”

Wright Restyling are the experts you can rely on for all your car accessory needs. Contact the company to check out their full range of services.

Stop commuting in an igloo with wheels. Go to to get your own remote starter for your car today!

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