These NFC Enabled Metal & Enamel Challenge Coins Are Ideal For Modern Networking

Jan 21, 2023

If you are looking for a powerful alternative to the traditional business card, then Gray Water Ops can help. Their customizable challenge coin designs come complete with NFC integrations, making them ideal for use in a networking setting.

These NFC Enabled Metal & Enamel Challenge Coins Are Ideal For Modern Networking

Business cards are a central part of the networking process, and have been for hundreds of years. However, in this fast-moving digital age, it seems as though society is starting to realize that we need a better way. Now, when you receive a business card, you likely don't even look at it; it goes into your pocket, then into the wash, and then into the trash. This is not effective, nor is it sustainable.

Gray Water Ops is offering a powerful alternative to the traditional business card. With their service, you can design your own high-quality custom challenge coins - a memorable, valuable symbol of your business that your potential clients are unlikely to forget. They have even recently improved their design capabilities with new laser engraving tools!

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You will now be able to submit highly complex designs in a variety of shapes and sizes, which the Gray Water Ops team will then convert into 3-dimensional, enamel-faced challenge coins. Their team also offers design consultation, which you can take advantage of to create high-quality artwork, even with no prior experience.

The new design options also make use of the patented Gray Water Ops programmable NFC integration technology. The chip embedded in every challenge coin they create can be modified to instantly transmit a URL, contact information, or financial data when passed over a near-field receiver, such as the ones that are commonly found in most modern smart devices.

These coins have proven especially effective in a trade show networking setting. The NFC integrations in these coins facilitate a streamlined networking process while also allowing businesses like yours to provide potential clients with a high-quality work of art.

Studies show that these challenge coins are more likely to be remembered and utilized than traditional business cards, which are often lost, discarded, or outright ignored. Challenge coins are shown to raise the perceived value of business interactions and may act as a powerful tool when building brand recognition.

One customer said, “Gray Water Ops produces coins vastly superior to others I own. These are not the lightweight, chintzy coins that have light engraving or paint that flakes off. The Coins you get from GWO have substantial heft, their engraved coins have sharp detail and real depth. The color laminate coins have vibrant, striking color and I’m not worried about the finish flaking off any time this century.”

Gray Water Ops has been providing its customers with quality promotional material for several years now. As a veteran-owned business, they maintain a commitment not only to their customers but to their community as well - as much as 50% of every fundraiser sale goes directly to various veterans’ health organizations.

Do yourself a favor and invest in these powerful networking tools. Handing someone a coin engraved with your business's logo is a great way to bring them on board and make them feel like a member of your team, and no one makes a higher quality product than Gray Water Ops.

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