These Electrical Wire Covers Will Protect Your Extension Cords From The Weather

Feb 14, 2021

Protect your extension cords from wandering hands and wet weather alike – these electric wire safety cases are perfect for professionals and homeowners!

Concerned about how your outdoor extension cords are holding up in the rain? There’s no need to bring them inside - simply try these weatherproof electrical safety cases! 

Perfect Life Ideas has announced the launch of new electrical cord protectors. The product acts as a cover for your electrical wires both indoors and outdoors, protecting your extension cords against adverse weather conditions or external interference. 

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If you’re a professional contractor, builder, handyman or homeowner, these new items are for you. The watertight safety cover shields electrical cord plugs and extension cables in harsh environments, ensuring the continued operation of your electrical products. 

The new product is intended to meet your needs in a large variety of settings and scenarios. Company representatives explained that the product can be utilized both inside and outside for your residential or commercial establishment. It is ideally suited for your lawn and garden electrical equipment, patio heaters, pool pumps, lights and more. 

In addition to protecting electrical extension cords from rain, snow, and dirt, you’ll benefit by using the product as a child-proof protective safety measure for Christmas tree light cords and other home electrics. The product prevents your young children from playing with cords and extensions. Further, the plastic covering can act as a barrier to protect electrical components from being chewed by your pets. 

You’ll find the weatherproof product extremely easy to assemble. Its durable plastic compartment is fully adjustable, acting as a secure enclosure with a simple locking clamp. For added safety, the protector provides extra insulation around power and extension cord connections. 

One satisfied customer said of the product: “This is an excellent electrical cord connection cover. Not only is the design just right, it is easy to assemble and has provided excellent protection against rain and now heavy winter snow. I use these protectors for livestock water tank heaters as well as electric blankets for our dog kennels.” 

With the latest announcement, you have continued access to innovative and practical products wherever you are in the world. The new electrical cable safety covers are available worldwide in both red and green.

If you’re searching for an easy way to protect your electrical cords from the elements, you’re in luck - these watertight containers will keep them safe and dry! You can click the link above to find out more! 

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