Fix Home And Office Repairs Using This Battery Operated Cordless Screwdriver

Feb 14, 2021

A new mini electric cordless screwdriver has launched on the Ideas In Life Amazon store. The screwdriver is suitable for small to medium DIY projects and features a compact design.

Need an easy solution for those annoying repairs around the home? You don't need to call a professional! The mini electric screwdriver from Ideas In Life is the portable, cordless, and easy to use DIY solution you need!

Ideas In Life, an Amazon seller that provides miscellaneous items for the home that include repair tools, pet products, and more, has launched a mini electric screwdriver in its shop.

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The company says the mini electric screwdriver is cordless and best used for small and medium DIY projects around the home. The device features a compact design that fits easily into the hand for ease of use. It is three and a half inches by five and a half inches which makes it small enough to work on delicate tasks, and suitable for the DIY hobbyist who needs a lightweight tool.

Due to its small nature, the mini electric screwdriver also gives access to small recessed screws which allows you to easily remove screws from hard to reach places and maintain computers and other equipment.

The mini electric screwdriver is both battery-operated and cordless which makes it portable and easy to use. The company says without annoying electrical cords individuals can more easily carry out repairs in their home, and complete the work in tight and awkward spaces.

As part of the launch, you will receive one flat and one cross slot bit, which each measure two inches, along with the mini electric screwdriver. You can use the product to complete a number of tasks. It is best used for light to medium DIY projects and is particularly adept at completing computer, electronics, and office repairs.

The company explains that it is also an ideal tool for assembling furniture, assembling a tool shed or dog house, fixing a range of items including toys and appliances, hanging pictures to interior walls, attaching cabinets, and more.

You can purchase the item by visiting the company’s Amazon store. It’s currently available for $15.77 and requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included in the purchase.

Ideas In Life is an Amazon store that supplies products for the home such as battery-operated string lights, sewing kits, desktop dartboards, coffee pots mugs, DIY tools, and more.

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