The Ultimate 10Ft Dog Leash With A Padded Handle That Will Make You And Your Dog Happy

Nov 22, 2016

Discover the best dog leash to let your dog explore and run around freely without losing control or having to constantly reel him/her in and with a soft padded handle which feels like a dream on your hands, developed by passionate dog owners set on making sure both you and your dog have the best possible experience.

The popular Leashboss announced its premier 10 Foot Dog Leash with Padded Handle ideal for a comfortable and convenient hiking, camping, exploring or walking experience with controlled free range and freedom for the dog.

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The Leashboss is a renowned dog leash manufacturer committed to offering a unique and original training and lifestyle dog product line which includes short, long or two handle and double dog leashes along with car restraints and other popular accessories which combine premier design with functionality.

The company has announced its premier 10 Foot Dog Leash with Padded Handle developed to provide a leading mix of comfort, control and freedom by combining its long 10 foot leash which is ideal to allow the dog to explore and sniff around freely while maintaining control with a highly convenient and soft neoprene padded handle.

The leading and versatile Leashboss free range 10 foot dog leash is thoughtfully developed for the best possible hiking, camping, exploring or walking experience. It features a convenient D-ring to attach a poop bag dispenser or easily make an impromptu tie out. Additionally, the leash can be looped through the dog’s collar to shorten the 10 foot leash in half.

More information on the Leashboss 10 Foot Dog Leash with Padded Handle and its leading features thoughtfully developed for a comfortable and convenient hiking, camping or walking experience along with multiple dog owner testimonials and reviews can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

Leashboss explains that “we created this 10 foot leash to give a great mix of comfort and distance for exploring or sniffing, and just a little bit of freedom. For those who are out and about exploring the great outdoors, this is really a superb leash to let their dog have a piece of the action. 10 feet is the perfect distance to let them move about freely but not too much where we are constantly reeling them in. The handle is padded with neoprene and feels great. It’s really night and day when compared to non-padded handles.”

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