The Future Of Digital Business Cards: New NFC-Embedded Smart Coins

Nov 22, 2022

New smart coins pave the way for seamless contact info, website, and other business data transfer on any NCF-enabled smartphone – and the opportunities are endless.

The Future Of Digital Business Cards: New NFC-Embedded Smart Coins

From digital business cards to elegant ways to enable check-ins or reward customers, a series of new NFC-embedded smart coins are opening up new possibilities for businesses across sectors.

Patented by Gray Water Ops, the NFC technology makes the new coins suitable for contactless data transfer of contact info, websites, or video links, with a variety of potential business applications.

“Gray Water Ops owns the patent to embed NFC chips in custom-minted coins,” said company founder Bill Zutell. “With an NFC Smart Coin, you can store your contact info, a website link or video link, or any other number of uses - but as a business card, you would simply extend your hand and coin to your contact. They would tap their NFC-enabled smartphone to your coin and your contact info would automatically be added to their contacts - cost-effective, easy, and with cutting edge speed.”

The Near Field Communication (NFC) chip is embedded inside a metal coin which can be customized with your logo, explains Gray Water Ops. The chip can be programmed to execute a variety of tasks on any NFC-enabled smartphone or other devices.

So what can you actually do with the coin?

Here are just some ideas:

   •use the coin as a business card for easy transfer of contact information (name, phone number, e-mail address, website, social media, etc). The contact data is instantly transferred to any NFC-enabled device that touches the coin;

   •use the coin as a location finder. NFC-enabled devices will get access to a Google map location when they touch the coin;

   •for loyalty programs. The coins can be used to allow check-in and check-outs, feature access links to promotional offers, or track data for various incentive programs;

   •for digital payments;

   •for routine phone task automation.

With the latest update, Gray Water Ops continues to expand its range of high-quality challenge coins to meet the needs of businesses, sports teams, and other clients.

“We take ordinary coin designs and turn them into extraordinary coin designs with exceptional weight, thickness, and detail. A Gray Water Ops coin is quite frankly a better quality custom challenge coin, according to our happy customers,” said partnering artist Keith Hanshaw.

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