The Everyday Struggle Continues In Toxic Workspaces For Black Women

Oct 14, 2021

.Earlier today, Say It Loud Blk Sista announced the launch of its new web platform. Dawn D.Robinson is the founder and creator of Say It Loud Blk Sista. Dawn is a lawyer she’s also an engineer and now author.Dawn can add that co-author title to her already impressive resume.

Slaying Toxic Workspaces,The Everyday Struggle: Say It Loud Blk Sista

Earlier today, Say It Loud Blk Sista announced the launch of its new web platform Dawn D.Robinson is the founder and creator of Say It Loud Blk Sista Dawn is a lawyer she’s also an engineer and now author.Dawn can add that co-author title to her already impressive resume.My slogan is “Slaying Toxic Workspaces”.The Everyday Struggle is the title of the book.Thirty plus years in corporate America has given me much ammunition to create my platform and to also have a lot to write about on this topic.

I plan to have open and candid dialogue attacking institutional racism in corporate America on every platform.The focus is on it’s negative impact on black women,as well as the white players in the game.

As history would have it there have been times when some attention has been given to toxic workspaces and their marginalizing certain groups particularly black women.Addressing excluded groups fairly and properly needs to become the entree now,not a side dish. When you spend time with Say It Loud Blk Sista’s our message appears to be crystal clear.Black women will no longer be ignored,invalidated or excluded in corporate America

Ms..Robinson continues… “Where you’ll always see our competitors doing the same old thing Say It Loud Blk Sista will bring something different to the table .”The topics of inclusion,diversity and women’s treatment in toxic workspaces has always been trendy” says Dawn.What we’re going to do is not treat them like fashion items that go in and out of style.

. The platforms that have been created are designed for daily discussion and the plan is to keep the discussion front and center not in the background.We know this is not the first time inclusiveness for black women in the workplace has been discussed..

What I’m going to do that hasn’t been done is devote time and resources exclusively to inclusiveness and related causes.”The belief is that it will separate us from other blogs,forums,etc says Dawn. I think a good question to ask Dawn D.Robinson and Say It Loud Blk Sista would be why do things differently? Innovation drives progress and new ideas she says..Complaining to Human Resources and having yet another Sensitivity Training was not working.

Toxic workspaces across the country have done those things for years and years, and now it just seems they’re something to put on a schedule just for the hell of it !

Generally thinking most people would agree it’s time to do better.By addressing this subject using different outlets and platforms it will raise the awareness.It was mentioned earlier that I’m an author,that’s just another way of getting the message out there to the people that still like to read a hard back book.

Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to my consumers The ultimate goal I have with Say It Loud Blk Sista and with being a co-author in the book Everyday Struggle Is to make a difference in the world we live in,specifically the toxic workspaces and workplaces.My emphasis is on black women because that’s my experience. I am living through this personally and have seen it happen with countless others.The reality though is we all benefit when black women are given fair and just treatment.”From my experience I’ve seen black women being treated most unfairly in corporate America”.

Say It Loud Blk Sista was established in Fall of 2021.I have worked as an engineer in corporate America for thirty plus years.I also express sadness to say that I’ve experienced overt and covert racism in some form,every stop along the way,So the actual business of coming to share my story and life has been going on my entire time working in corporate America.

“I don’t know if there are many other blogs or forums addressing black women in toxic workspaces exclusively,that’s the main reason I took on this issue.I saw a lack of platforms addressing these problems totally and consistently.What I saw were platforms that touched on the topic and went on to the next trending topic” .What we plan to do is bring light to these problems,all day everyday with Say It Loud Blk Sista. I’m sure there are books similar to “Everyday Struggle I just don’t know of any.”We’re unique as this is a dozen strong black female voices forming as one in the book”.

I feel this service will improve upon the approach used in the past.The past approach is usually let’s address this since someone mentioned it and we don’t want to get in trouble.The approach I have with Say It Loud Blk Sista is pointing out the issues and talking about them in detail.So many times issues have been tolerated.”We’ve been tolerant,it’s a new day and time”.

Along with the current website an additional one is in the works.There are also future plans for groups, forums and a podcast.

The web platform is set to launch October 12,2021. To find out more, the place to visit is

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