The Enchanting World of Historic Blue Moon Hotel and Sweet Dreams Cafe

Jul 26, 2023

Uncover the allure of Historic Blue Moon Hotel, curated by artist and developer Randy Settenbrino. Honored by esteemed publications, it offers refined guestrooms and the enchanting Sweet Dreams Cafe—an Italian culinary haven. Immerse in art and gastronomy, relishing an extraordinary experience at this hidden gem.

Indulge in a truly exceptional experience at the renowned Historic Blue Moon Hotel, masterfully curated by artist and developer Randy Settenbrino. This hidden gem has captivated guests from near and far, earning prestigious accolades and recognition from esteemed publications.

The Blue Moon Hotel has been honored by National Geographic as "One of a Hundred and Fifty in The Western Hemisphere to Check into," while Allan Sperry's esteemed collection hailed it as one of the "100 Best Little Hotels." The New Yorker Magazine and City Search bestowed the title of Best Boutique Hotel upon this remarkable establishment. With over forty major articles, videos, and radio interviews, the Blue Moon's media triumphs testify to its undeniable allure.

Guests stepping into the embrace of the Blue Moon's timeless ambience find spacious and gracious guestrooms, many adorned with charming balconies. These accommodations embody the essence of refined comfort meticulously designed. Infused with artistry and inspired by the building's rich history, each room showcases the imaginative repurposing of materials discovered within the 1879 tenement. It's as if fate conspired to leave these treasures for Settenbrino's creative vision to bring the past into the present.

Visitors to the hotel are enchanted by Randy's latest stroke of genius: Sweet Dreams Cafe, an exquisite haven of Italian savories and sweets, complemented by a curated selection of wines and beers. Drawing inspiration from his beloved Nona Carolina's Trattoria Vesuvius, Randy's menu is a heartfelt tribute to her 1930's Italian artisan cooking. Handmade delicacies, from delectable mozzarella and heavenly raviolis to mouthwatering gnocchi, take center stage. Every sauce, whether it be the velvety cream, aromatic pesto, or robust marinara, is crafted from scratch with meticulous attention to detail. And let's not forget the tantalizing array of Italian desserts and delicacies, all lovingly baked on-site.

As guests savor the culinary delights, they immerse themselves in the captivating ambiance of Sweet Dreams Cafe. Feast the eyes on the eye candy that surrounds them: faux hand-painted walls, integrated artifacts, evocative photographs by Lepkoff, and captivating paintings by Settenbrino himself. The atmosphere transports visitors to a realm where art and cuisine intertwine, creating a symphony of sensory delights.

Whether one seeks a memorable stay at the Historic Blue Moon Hotel or an unforgettable culinary journey at Sweet Dreams Cafe, Randy Settenbrino's unrivaled passion and artistic vision await. Guests experience the harmonious blend of history, creativity, and gastronomic excellence.

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