The Best No-Chew Dog Car Restraint To Keep You And Your Pet Safe While Driving

May 12, 2017

Leashboss has announced an expansion of its leading collection of dog training & lifestyle products with a heavy duty no-chew car seat belt restraint ideal to keep the dogs secure and ensure they can’t chew or accidentally unbelt their way onto your lap while driving.

Leashboss announced an expansion of its renowned range of dog leashes and accessories with the introduction of a unique heavy duty no-chew car seat belt restraint ideal to safely and effectively keep dogs from moving around in the car.

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Leashboss is based in San Diego, California, committed to providing fellow dog owners with the most original, reliable and quality collection of dog training & lifestyle products, including short, long and heavy duty or two handle leashes combining premier design with superior functionality at highly affordable prices.

The company has now announced an expansion of its premier range of dog leashes and accessories with a unique car seat belt restraint made of the same heavy duty nylon coated steel rope used in dog tie-outs to ensure the dogs cannot chew through the cable and move or jump around in the car while driving.

The original Leashboss chew-proof dog seat belt restraint is also designed to be clipped to the car’s baby safety seat latch bars instead of the seat belt receptacle to ensure the dogs don’t accidentally unbelt themselves and to be used only with a dog’s harness instead of a collar to guarantee a safe journey for both the dog and the driver.

The chew proof dog car restraint ideal for those looking to keep their dogs secure and drive without the worry of them chewing or accidentally unbelting their way out is entirely assembled in the U.S. and available in three different sizes to suit small, medium or large dogs and different car configurations with ease.

More information on the unique Leashboss dog car restraint and its features, sizes or 5 year warranties along with multiple customer reviews, photo galleries and usage instructions or further details on Leashboss and its original line of pet products can be consulted through the website link provided above or at

The Leashboss team explains that “we designed this product to help fellow dog owners keep their dogs secure in the car without worrying about them chewing through those regular nylon seat belts which can be destroyed in seconds. They won’t be able to chew through the cable this one is made from and jump on the driver while the car is moving or out of the car when the door opens.”

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