The Best Muzip Full Size 4/4 Violin Cases For The Truly Original, Exquisite Musicians

Apr 14, 2024

The famous Pro Music Bags store launched a new set of Muzip full size 4/4 violin cases with a beautiful, sumptuous and original velvet and silk design that will make any violinist proud.

  • the best muzip full size 4 4 violin cases for the truly original exquisite music
  • the best muzip full size 4 4 violin cases for the truly original exquisite music

The Pro Music Bags store is offering a new set of exquisite Muzip full size 4/4 violin cases, perfect for musicians who want something sturdy, classy and completely unique to carry their violin.

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The Pro Music Bags is the online store most pro and amateur musicians around the world are turning to for practical, sophisticated violin cases that match their personality, taste and budget.

After the big success of its recent luxury cases, the famous British store has now decided to add an ‘exquisite collection’ with three new Muzip full size 4/4 violin cases.

These beautiful lightweight cases are made with a hard shell and a soft, plush interior lining capable of keeping the violin safe and sound under any circumstance, and a sophisticated, sumptuous design with contrasting velvet and silk on the inside.

Available in black, blue or olive green colours with a subtle paisley print silk lining, the case provides a sophisticated, distinct look that allows any violinist to stand out from the crowd and offer their beloved instrument the home it deserves.

They also feature enough storage space for all the other accessories, including the spare violin strings, the pitch pipe, the cleaning cloth or even the musical notes, a hygrometer that controls the temperature and humidity levels inside and a comfy shoulder strap to carry it around.

As with all the other luxurious, hard shell, fiberglass and budget violin cases the Pro Music Bags has in stock, they are all sold at highly affordable prices with first class customer service, express delivery to anywhere in the UK, EU or US, and lengthy money back guarantees.

The team at the Pro Music Bags store explains “this is our most beautiful case yet. Following the success of our luxury collection, we set out to deliver something truly exquisite that would take luxury to the next level and make any violin proud.”

To see new exquisite collection of Muzip full size 4/4 violin cases and check all the other lightweight, hard shell, fiberglass or luxury cases they have in stock, clients can call 0191 574-0100 or visit their website at the link provided above.

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