The Best Misting Patio Umbrellas Will Keep You Cool During The Summer

Aug 15, 2021

Are you looking for the best way to cool down your outdoor space and create a more comfortable patio? Check out this misting system from Cool-Off™ today!

It’s guaranteed to ensure you get more use out of your yard even when the temperature skyrockets this summer. Sounds too good to be true? Check it out today!

The Las Vegas-based misting system designer offers the updated Mister Brella™ to customers throughout the US. It can be shipped within 48 hours, with remote control functionality to keep you cool throughout the summer months.

Choose your favorite option and customize it to suit your desired aesthetic, then wave goodbye to those horrible, humid barbecue experiences!

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Through the latest product update, the patio misting system specialist provides you with a more reliable and effective outdoor cooling setup.

You can install your Mister Brella™ with ease, and once in place, the system will release small particles of water that instantly vaporize. This creates a cooling effect that makes outdoor spaces more comfortable even in extremely high temperatures.

Previously, misting systems were targeted at commercial venues, or were only available to the wealthiest customers. Cool-Off™ aims to make cutting-edge cooling system access more affordable, so they can be enjoyed at home across the country.

Mister Brella™ cooling systems provide welcome shade and refreshing mist for any patio. The product wards off humidity and creates a cooling effect in the air, which reduces the surrounding temperature.

This enables you to enjoy more time in your yard even as the summer months grow hotter. You can host barbecues, parties, or enjoy leisure time outdoors with increased comfort and flexibility.

The misting systems provided by Cool-Off™ are also versatile enough to be used in greenhouses or for businesses, including restaurants, parks, and zoos. Commercial clients are encouraged to get in touch to discuss their goals, and Cool-Off™ will help you to design a more comfortable environment for each guest.

You can choose from khaki, boulder, or kiwi colors to ensure the system matches your exterior decor or home environment. The base can also be customized prior to purchase, with standard concrete mounts or a more portable option available.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Cool-Off developed the Mister Brella™ to deliver everything an umbrella owner could possibly want or need, harnessing technology and design to do so. On the website, the Mister Brella™ is listed as the world’s premier misting umbrella, and we agree that about sums it up.”

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