The Best Customizable Peel & Stick Wallcoverings For Living Rooms & Kitchens

Sep 25, 2023

Looking for a way to add some spice to your interior design? Check out WallsNeedLove’s newest wallpaper designs on their Amazon store!

Sometimes, sprucing up a room may be as simple as adding some spruce trees to your room. You know, for some of that natural flair. But since having an entire forest inside your house probably isn’t that practical, having a wallpaper that gives you the same effect is the next best thing.

But if you have any experience shopping around in the industry, you’re probably familiar with how hard it can be to get custom designs and dimensions. Finding an interesting wallcovering among all the boring colors is pretty difficult, to say the least!

WallsNeedLove felt the same way. That’s why they’ve launched their own store on Amazon, which is chock-full of unique designs for their custom-printed wallpapers! You heard that right: custom-printed. That means you can get your wallcovering in any size and shape that you want - and with a whole host of colors and patterns to choose from too! Name another wallpaper company that can give that to you!

Visit to see examples of all the quirky projects that have been accomplished with WallsNeedLove’s products!

Of course, eye-catching designs aren't the only thing they have going for them. WallsNeedLove also aims to provide you with non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional wallcoverings. According to the company, many industry-standard wallpapers are manufactured with solvent inks and PVCs, which often contain harmful chemical additives and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Imagine surrounding yourself with walls covered in the stuff. You’d be breathing in all those chemicals every day. Yikes!

But don’t worry. WallsNeedLove’s murals and wallpapers are made exclusively from latex inks, water-based toners, and sustainably harvested trees, so their products don’t pose any health risks to you. All wallcoverings are printed to order in house, and you can request specific dimensions and panel amounts depending on the needs of your project. The company also generates less waste when they print to order, so when it comes to sustainability, they really walk the walk.

The wallcoverings are available in two paper types: 

  • Peel-and-stick paper, which can be removed and repositioned.
  • Paste-the-wall paper, which is intended for more traditional or long-term installations. 

Both types sport a smooth linen texture with a matte finish. So the difference lies in the kind of project you’re doing…and maybe also whether you’re the type of person who needs a change of scenery every two weeks. 

Luckily, WallsNeedLove has many choices when it comes to scenery! The company provides you with a vast library of colors and patterns to choose from, offering prints with themes such as Dark Flora, Black & White, Crystal & Geode, Bohemian, and Art Deco. 

About WallsNeedLove

Ali Abrahimia founded WallsNeedLove to address the difficulties he encountered within the wallpaper industry, having experienced many frustrations with sourcing unique designs and purchasing custom-sized wallcoverings. The company began in 2008 as a local business in Nashville and has since become one of the largest online retailers for custom wallcoverings in America.

“Our custom-made wallpaper is crafted to meet the industry demands and unique styles of our clients, providing a beautiful yet rugged product that will be enjoyed for a lifetime,” says Abrahimia. “We realize that buying wallpaper online may be outside of your comfort zone, so we set out to make the process as convenient as possible with a combination of well-curated designs, premium-quality papers, top-shelf inks, expert printmanship, and focused customer service.”

Whether you’re a professional wallpaper installer or a DIYer ready to take your interior design skills to the next level, WallsNeedLove has a wallcovering for you. There’s a reason they have so many satisfied customers; they really distinguish themselves from other companies with their choices and their exemplary service!

In short, if you have a wall that needs some love, WallsNeedLove is no doubt the best choice for you.

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