Technical Kitchen Designer Creates Luxury Bespoke Designs For Gibraltar Homes

Nov 13, 2023

Has an upcoming kitchen remodelling project got you completely disoriented? Kitchens by Studio will create a custom design plan so that you know how to get the luxury kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Set your kitchen remodelling project up for success! Enlist the help of Kitchens by Studio’s designers and materials experts to stay ahead of the latest trends and resolve any technical queries!

Supporting both English and Spanish-speaking homeowners with their kitchen remodelling projects in the area, the independent design business will customise your dossier to your unique lifestyle needs, ensuring you can achieve a balanced blend of functionality and modern aesthetics.

Order your dossier by visiting

With offices in Sotogrande, Cádiz, Kitchens by Studio can support kitchen renovation and redesign projects throughout Spain and Gibraltar.

Unlike other spaces within your property, redesigning a kitchen can be daunting if you are looking to achieve both style and functionality. Your work surfaces and countertops, the company explains, often need to perform multiple different functions throughout the day, be easy to clean, withstand regular use, and complement your existing interior design.

Similarly, cabinets and appliances need to be integrated into the limited dimensions of your kitchen without limiting functionality and with consideration to electricity and water outlets.

“Technically it is one of the most complicated rooms to design because all the details are complex and require specific knowledge”, a spokesperson for the company explained.

You can order a Kitchens by Studio dossier online and have it sent directly to your inbox. The dossier will resolve technical queries around your project, providing you with information on choosing materials for longevity and optimal hygiene in addition to navigating home design trends.

It can inform you about which bespoke organization and storage options are at your disposal, and which of them should be incorporated into your space to best suit your needs. Moreover, it can answer your questions about the potential timeframe of your project and its estimated budget.

You can then arrange a video call with Marian Dominiguez, Kitchens by Studio’s project manager. Using her industry experience and eye for innovation, Dominguez can make recommendations about, for example, countertop materials and bespoke features.

Within 10 days of the call, the company will email you a comprehensive step-by-step guide, including technical data sheets, infographics, floor plans, and elevations. Through its network of contractors, Kitchens by Studio can also connect you with reliable teams and high-quality manufacturers capable of executing the project.

Kitchens by Studio will help you transform your kitchen into a luxury space perfect for hosting family and friends - get your custom design dossier by visiting the company online!

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