Target Local Phoenix Clients With Professionally Written News Media Content

Nov 5, 2023

Whether you’re a contractor, a medical professional, or a business services provider, Content Marketing Media can put your Phoenix small business in front of millions of potential clients.

Image having your Phoenix business featured on major news websites, such as Business Insider, Bloomberg, and Associated Press.

With the new multimedia campaigns from Content Marketing Media, that’s exactly what can occur, giving your business a massive amount of positive exposure.

Not only does your online marketing reach an entirely new level, but the content is produced by a team of professional writers, so it has minimal impact on your precious time. In addition to news articles, your multimedia campaigns will include blog posts, videos, infographics, slideshows, and podcasts, putting you in front of your target audience everywhere.

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Content Marketing Media now has partnerships with over 400 high-authority media platforms, allowing it to achieve considerable reach on behalf of your small business. The content campaigns are designed to greatly improve online visibility for each client, while also positioning you as a leader in your field.

A recent BrightLocal survey indicated that 87% of consumers now use Google to research local businesses, while up to 98% read reviews to inform their purchasing decisions. The report also states that specific industries are more likely to be researched, with healthcare providers, automotive services, tradespeople, and business services being the most important.

If you’re in one of those sectors, Content Marketing Media offers a cost-effective way for you to get seen and to really impress potential clients. The use of professional writers and content creators is designed to portray your business in the best possible light, while publication across hundreds of high-authority platforms will also do wonders for your company’s local standing.

“We understand the power of visibility and credibility in building a strong brand. By leveraging our partnerships with high-authority platforms, we ensure your brand's message reaches a vast and diverse audience,” a company representative explained. “This increased exposure not only amplifies brand awareness but also enhances your brand's credibility. When your content is associated with these reputable platforms, it sends a clear signal to your audience that your brand is trustworthy.”

About Content Marketing Media

Recognizing that many small businesses struggle to get seen in the digital era, Content Marketing Media established multiple media partnerships with the goal of helping clients reach a wider audience. The firm continues to develop its unique service and expects further updates in the near future.

“Josh and the whole team are truly skilled at content marketing, and they’re also great to work with,” one client recently stated. “I highly recommend this agency for any businesses looking to elevate their marketing game.”

For the best returns on your limited marketing budget, speak to the team at Content Marketing Media, and discover the power of high-authority multimedia content.

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