Sun Seekers Turks and Caicos YouTube Channel

Aug 30, 2016

The YouTube Channel puts on display some of the best Turks and Caicos Vacation Packages resorts. Whether vacationers are looking for adventure or romance, there are many amazing options. These videos offer real in-room, in resort views of properties in Turks and Caicos so choosing the resort to stay at confidently is much simpler.

Sun Seekers, Scuba Divers, Paddle boarders looking for the latest information on Turks and Caicos resorts and hotels with detailed video walkthroughs of accommodations in Turks and Caicos are invited to subscribe to the new YouTube channel by MyTurks and Caicos. This channel promises to provide expert guidance and useful comparison information on Turks and Caicos hotels and resorts room by room, and feature by feature, on a regular basis.

This new YouTube channel was created specifically with the needs of people who love the most beautiful beaches and who are looking to stay at a beach playground for the rich and famous including couples on a romantic ocean and beach getaway or an exotic destination beach wedding. MyTurks and Caicos welcomes input on which topics to explore.

Clint Skidmore, owner at MyTurks and Caicos said: "Don't know where to stay in Turks and Caicos since it all looks so amazing? The walk thru videos show each resort hotel on the islands, the rooms, all the amenities, where to eat, where to relax.."

MyTurks and Caicos's owner goes on to say: "The aim of the new YouTube Channel is to help travellers decide which resort hotel best meets expectations, easily with great detail... The more feedback the site can get, the better it can serve the audience.

Anybody interested in detailed video walkthroughs of accommodations in Turks and Caicos and of course, current MyTurks and Caicos fans and supporters, can subscribe to the YouTube channel here

Alternatively, they are welcome to read more on the company website at:

Some of the planned subjects for upcoming videos include:

More room by room tours of all the main resorts and accommodations and Video Tours of Turks and Caicos amenities. More video tours to make it easy to see in detail what each resort and new resorts really looks like, from the room, to the beach and where travellers can eat. More video of activities on the beaches that are consistently voted the most beautiful in the world, the walk-thru videos make it easy to select the next vacation.

After Launching the YouTube Channel One year ago, new viewers can view all the latest videos here:

Further details on the channel, the direction and other information on MyTurks and Caicos itself can be found on their website:

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