Stunning Time-Lapse Night Sky Video Announced by Australian Travel Photographer

Mar 8, 2021

The Wicked Hunt Photographer, Stanley Aryanto, releases his new time-lapse video featuring the night sky in the Canadian Rockies. Stanley used drones to capture these stunning images.

What is the price of giving up your 9-to-5 job to pursue something you love? A lot of fear but also a lot of relief and happiness. For this travel and landscape photographer, the decision to become an artist has inspired him to venture into new ways to express himself. 

Stanley Aryanto, a published and award-winning travel and landscape photographer from Perth, Australia, announces his latest time-lapse astrophotography video of the Canadian Rockies. The former engineer says the video tells an unspoken narrative of the beauty of nature.

Check out his two-minute video at now! 

The newly announced video introduces Stanley’s venture into time-lapse photography. The Milky Way time-lapse was captured over a period of 15 months during his time in Lake Louise. The self-proclaimed night-owl found himself shooting more night photography compared to day time during his stay and decided to document in a form of time-lapse videos.

Stanley Aryanto, otherwise known as The Wicked Hunt Photographer, gave up his engineering career a few years ago to pursue his love for travel and his passion as a photographer and educator. He sees photography as a means to capture unique moments and offer a different perspective.

Stanley views his calling as a means to create tangible keepsakes from intangible emotions. His mission is to share the unseen perspective of the world in the hope to inspire, empower and help other photographers to reach the highest level of happiness by capturing their dream shots.

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The new time-lapse video captures Stanley’s awe of the night sky in two minutes. He says that despite the cold and often losing feeling in his toes, he is proud of his video and what it captured.

“As a Wicked Hunter, I believe that we should overcome our fears to explore outside our comfort zone. Life is fragile and precious. We don’t know when our time will come to an end, we only have one shot to make this our life, the life that is driven by love and passion, not fear,” he says.

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