Study In Comfort Using This Foldable Durable Eco Friendly Bamboo Bed Tray

Feb 15, 2021

A Bamboo Bed Tray Table for breakfast in bed has launched. The tray from Perfect Life Ideas has a sturdy design that ensures no leaks, spills, or crumbs.

Imagine having a delicious breakfast in bed without worrying about spills or crumbs on the bedsheets. Now you can with the super sturdy Bamboo Bed Tray Table from Perfect Life Ideas!

Perfect Life Ideas, an Amazon seller that supplies a large range of items for the home, including pet products, has launched a new item, the Bamboo Bed Tray Table.

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The newly launched bed tray table is suited to anyone between the ages of five and 80 and suits a wide range of activities, such as breakfast in bed, study, laptop work, or watching TV. The company says it is great to use in the bedroom, kitchen, sofa, or hospital bed.

The item is made of 100 percent eco-friendly and durable bamboo and measures 17 inches long by 12.25 inches deep by 8 inches high. The height of the bed tray ensures individuals have enough legroom to sit comfortably.

The multi-function tray is sturdy enough to hold a variety of different items, including tablets, laptops, books, and food, and is suitable for use on soft surfaces. As a result, the bed tray table can provide breakfast in bed without mess, an alternative to plastic trays, and a reliable way to avoid leaks and spills. After use, the tray can be quickly cleaned with warm water.

The company explains that the bed tray table is easy to assemble and requires no tools. The folding legs are easily separated from the tray by pulling open the two handles. The item can be easily folded and packed away again after use and the hollowed handles ensure the bed tray is portable and can be easily carried between rooms in the home.

As part of the launch, customers can buy the item for $28.97.

RB, who purchased the item, says, “This table is totally versatile and is used in so many ways. The wood is nice and the legs fold under when not in use very compactly and stay open without fail even on Soft surfaces.”

Perfect Life Ideas is an Amazon store that sells miscellaneous items for home, pets, and leisure. Their catalog of products includes a dog umbrella with a leash, a mini desktop football game, reusable face coverings, neck massagers, and more.

Are you ready to enjoy breakfast in bed without the mess?

For more information on Perfect Life Ideas and the launch of their Bamboo Bed Tray Table visit the URL above.

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