Strategic Content Creation & Distribution For Sustainable Growth In Jacksonville

Oct 6, 2023

Call Tactiv (+1-904-206-7952) for cutting-edge content marketing and brand storytelling solutions that will put your company on the map!

When you’re trying to succeed online, the right marketing approach can mean the difference between getting noticed and falling into the abyss of page 2 or 3 on Google. But how can you connect with audiences in the most effective way?

Tactiv offers done-for-you content marketing solutions to help you reach new prospects, build your audience, and make more sales through expert social media strategies and identity design!

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By focusing on branded, narrative advertising and compelling marketing stories, the agency strives to help you craft more appealing campaigns and connect to your audience in new ways. This approach has led to an average increase in audience engagement of 35% across previous campaigns, Tactiv says.

According to a recent study by Oberlo, 88% of consumers say authenticity is an important factor when deciding which brands they will support. Tactiv acknowledges this trend and makes it a priority to understand your unique brand and audience. They begin every new project with an extensive discovery process to inform data-driven decisions at each stage, which allows the team to craft innovative, eye-catching campaigns that align with your core brand values.

Each campaign is built using expert content and digital assets to inform and inspire your target audience while advancing your business goals. Tactiv's team of experienced copywriters and designers produces memorable content that helps you improve their online visibility.

Video creation is another element used for the campaigns developed by Tactiv - short, compelling videos have proven effective at attracting new audiences and building credibility. Tactiv's video team crafts professional productions, from animated explainers to testimonial videos, that tell impactful brand stories and help you connect with consumers through sight, sound, and motion.

The agency explains that sustainable growth requires a long-term outlook - as such, Tactiv builds customizable frameworks to support consistent content output over time, using calendars to organize blog topics, social posts, and other assets months in advance. Tactiv also provides training for in-house staff to maintain systems after launch.

A spokesperson states: "Successful marketing programs are only as good as the plans that guide them. We start every project with a detailed discovery process which drives every decision we make. We design our strategies to reach and resonate with target audiences. Our content engages, educates and entertains our most valuable prospects."

If you want to make sure your next marketing campaign is a banger, talk to the team at Tactiv today!

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